MvC2 Money matches at Evo 2008

I havent seen any post for Money matches at Mvc2 yet and Marvel MM are always the best matches to watch so hopefully this will get it started…

This is my first year at Evo World and I want to get some good FRIENDLY money matches in against players I really respect, so with that said if any of the following players want to play for 5 or 10 bucks best TO 3 wins just post up and we’ll play at evo…

Vegita X
BBHood, i dont know if he still plays

Alright fellas see ya there…

hey scumbag, im always available for a friendly money match… find me at evo if you know what I look like. Till then, practice!

alright good shit dude…

Ill ask around and find where you are…im also mm megaman ds and lovepig at evo too… so thatll be pretty fun…but yeah dude practice practice practice…

If anyone else is game just post up…later…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Man I loled a lot before I realized that scumbag was actually the thread’s starter username :rofl: :rofl:

im not on the list but if your up for friendly MM im always down.

yeah im down dude…

snake posted up a vid on youtube awhile ago…the glory returns i think…fuckin your iron man took him up and brought him back down dude…guard broke doom…fuckin crazy…

But yeah ill play…

I think snake was at Devastation in az this year but He was goin by Amir and he wasnt reppin Strider doom so I didnt know it was him…if hed played ssd he probably woulda won cause the dude who won has a difficult time playin against that shit…

If you see him tell him about this post…later

lol hes never been to arizona, must have been someone else.

anyone down for 2/3’s fo 5 bucks, nigga gotta eat somehow lol

Yes, I still play.

If im not dead broke scraping for food, ill play you 5-10$ if you want :3

:tup: yay ok :smiley: cant wait

Alright cool…

So far im going be Money matchin

Megaman DS
Clock jr

So far so good…

I dont want to be the only clown out there losin my cash any other Money matches happen or what…

Is east coast vs West coast happen this year or what…

Chuncksta vs Stanford would be sick ta see
Soo vs Jwong
Cableguy vs Clock would be fun
VDO vs Mike Z

Fuck If any of those guys want to play each other Ill pony up llike Five to Ten to the winner just ta see that shit…

Hell yeah this evo might kick ass…

As far as I know Mike Z does not do MvC 2 money matches.

Looks like I’m gonna have people pay for my table and bottle services in Vegas. Thanks SRK

Who wants to money match me this is my first year at evo and its in vegas im ready to gamble baby!!!get hype!!!

I will put $20 on Dan. None of you know him, but you shall soon fear him, please believe.

i’m down to play scumbag, j360, and merdoc

im down if we have time. see you at evo man.

Yo J360 i gotta get a money match with you we need a rematch from the last time at MWC
And same to smooth viper thats if your going. now my stick has been repaired so this time it for real any amount of money is good fellas.

you know im always up for it if theres time =D