MvC2 - Joo's DVD Trailer

Magnetro posted in the video forums, but nearly no one posts there, i just decided to make a thread here. Just because of how awesome this video is. =]

Be sure to comment as Joo loves feedback!

bumped! Cuz people need to take notice!

There is a video gallery guys.

front page baby =)


sorry, pryde >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> you

Now that’s what I call creativity! The cable cancels were the most impressive in that trailer. Those grenade combos and those gunshots were just too sick. The off the screen combos were the shit too.

I will start using Zangief now because of this…

Great work :wink:

o shit

when where and how much?

there’s info on the link on the first post.

Hahaha, I saw the Cable combos and thought Sanford for a moment…and then there was the Doom unfly corner combo (so practicing that)…I have some work to do!!

10,000 views in 1 week, good job guys!