MvC2: FF Hungriest Player Search results

  1. Soo (Sent/Strider/Doom,Storm/Sent/Cap, MSP, MS-Spiral)
  2. MAG (Team Scrub, MSS, Team Row)
  3. Amir (MSP, MSCyke)
  4. DC Static (Team Scrub, MSP, Storm/Sent/Cap)
  5. KaiSing (Sent/Strider/Doom, Strider/Cyke/Doom)
  6. Andre M (MSP, Storm/Sent/Cap)

gg’s all. Guess we kno who’s hungry

So Peter, are these results gonna affect who gets into the pre qualifier?

SonSon is so hungry, she’s gonna turn you into a freakin’ watermelon.

you’re dope.:slight_smile:

good shit mr.mighty. Stop the beastin.

LMAO Amir lost to a scrub team :lol: :lol: :lol:

good shit though Sonson

Sonson ate Amir

Edit: Teams added.
Also, one more thing… damn you Soo for mirror matching me. :mad:

had to play dc static first rounds and amir first round of losers


congrats to the winners

Kai you got much smarter in your game. good ish doggie. Devil X had a bad day. I know his capabilities tho. also Dan was feeling sick so he wasnt playing his A game. and I finally beat Jon. now give me my cookie.

Soo still holding it down with that crasy mags good shit homie:) .

gg’s to all i played, thanks for piere(andres’ brother) for chatting with me about stuff and for the advice… sorry devil x i wish i didnt have to play you first round :bluu: … i couldent really play in the end cause i was feeling sick again and i swear the screen was moving around… but good stuff by mag and amir… hope to see everyone at evo :slight_smile: