MvC2 EC vs WC? will there be one?

just wonderin… will there be a EC vs WC for MvC2 this year? that would be HYPE! :lovin:

No, but there is a team tourney, which will bring plenty of hype, no doubt. :tup:

yeah… no doubt… that would be hype… so many teams joinin… capture everythin’ on film! :qcf: :uf: :2p: :lovin:

there really is no point to having a wc vs ec tourney. EC would eat WC freee!!! all day!.. there really is no need. It would be more interesting to have a 5 man round robin. All ec players… maybe have a 10 man and throw potter, and chunk in there…

I aint tryin to joke… just stating facts…

…fine! …you can throw Duc and Soo in there too… dont really matter…

whoa this guy got jokes

Shankar is right WC dont stand a chance BET IT!!!

I like EC 1000$!!!1

you guys are annoying and both need to stfu

edit - ill be nicer… you guys are entitled to your own opinion, but its all getting old


yo dont get mad just cause Wigfall called you out last night on srk radio. I have nothing against wc marvel…
ec is just too strong.

Dont take shit so seriously son…

PS- I bet you wouldnt tell me to shut the fuck up to my face… so dont ethug!

i actually didnt hear what he said, but srk radio was fun to do so thats all that matters to me, im not serious just srk

gl to everybody

man shut the hell up

this aint no opinion its a FACT EC>WC FREE!!!

you can hit me up for a mm if you want bro, prolly just ten tho? ~

If EC > WC for free then you obviously need to quit cause you ain’t cutting it. Coming from EC and running your mouth off like that only to lose here on the WC shows all you do is bark and can’t back up anything you do. You suck so much that you shouldn’t be representing any coast. You need to shut the hell up and win shit before first cause I don’t know who the hell you are but you are shit to me dude. TROLL!!


I agree. Leave the talking to the Good EC players.

yeah flash u suck at all the games even itg ill smoke u. u got owend in the ec tourney 1st round by some guy who is gay im not joking u suck go home u got hit by 100 resets befor u could block just 1 so stop talking


everything duc said applies to you

go shower you fuckin stinky ass bitch

shut up dues ur gay go get good or something fag

you do realize that ffa has like the worst sticks on earth AND your comparing some of WCs finest to a person who just started playing marvel lol good job a gg player went to a WC marvel tourney and lost on bad sticks


I dont know what EC tourney your talking about but whatever noone really cares your a fucking fag in person your following me around the whole arcade like alittle bitch trying to talk to me the whole fucking time like I knew you and then you go online and talk about how I suck when your ass will get raped in every single game and ill put money on it

bottom line is EC owns WC for free if theres a 5on5 I like EC 1000$ bet it


Marvel shit is HYPE! lol :lovin: :qcf: :uf: :2p:

dude i dont even know u why whould i do something like that everbody hated u u think ur the best in the world plus they got new sticks that day so shut up and stop talking u cant beat the worst player in the arcade and i got 100000000 dollars on that