MvC2 color mixes (which is your favorite/most used?)

ok, so I was going to post this in the color edit thread, but thought this would be a better place. Why? Because while we (us that converse & edit in the custom thread) make the colors, I figured more of you who just used/played them would check here, and I’d like your opinion, so that explains this thread.

[list]I wanted to know if you could list the top 5 most used (at tournaments or at home, but if it’s a different list please differentiate in your list please). Using a separator I urge you to add a music mix as well.[/list]

[list]Your personal top 5 favorite in order from “most liked” to “liked, but not enough to be my favorite”[/list]

[list]Do you liked themes by button, meaning do you like all the characters to share a color set by button. You can elaborate if you think (like some have suggested) that the colors shouldn’t match as much & are too close, while others like it.[/list]

[list]Any ideas color-wise that you haven’t seen yet, and would like to.[/list]

Here is an example of the list, I’ll post my personal list:

1. Evo2k8/Fugee's Request (toodles mix) ? dvdrummer (srk mix)
2. Casual Cartel (srk mix)              ? Pablo the Mex (toodles mix)
3. [My New Mix]( hoax mix (srk mix) ? Hollow (srk mix)
4. dvdrummer (srk mix)                  ? Fugee's request (toodles mix)
5. icemanual (srk mix w/fixed colors)   ? Donut

Something like that. I mean no disrespect if your mix was not on here, just my personal taste, I think everyone that takes time to do colors deserves appreciation, so this isn’t saying your mix sucks, just wanted to see what the general consensus was on the mixes.

Now the reason I ask, I am working on a tournament/popular mix CD. So far I have the Evo2k8 Fugee request mix, as well as Lalo’s Casual Cartel, so basically I am looking for three more edits to fill the slots.

Narc, on the SRK mix, how many mixes had edits for all the characters?

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve checked them all yet, good question though, as soon as I’m home I’ll figure it out.

I know mine does. Just wonder if anyone else took the time.

**Still Havent Looked Through Them All, Hollow But For Some Reason I Keep Picking Your Mix Cuz Chunners Looks Sexy In Black And Gold :lovin:

But I Like Toodles Mix And The New Beef Starting Srk Mix Also…Dam I Gotta Give DvdRummer A Prem For That…Wow I’m Fuckin Up**

I appreciate that, Smilez. You and those like you are what make the effort worth it. I got so many little gems in that mix, one person won’t find them all casually looking. Check out Jin’s Variable Armor when you get a chance.
That is what I was going for. Who I was making the mix for. Those people who pick the supposed “forgotten” characters. I remember how jilted I felt when I played a mix, picked Spiral/BH and Cyke. Only Cyke was done. I didn’t even wanna play that match.

Any mix you see I created, will have all the characters and extras done.

Thank you, sir.

Until I gain access to the aforementioned mixes I just play various ones I made (or the Battle ov the Strongest mix…which I have the original ov).

Search for eidrian. Check his homepage.

Just to clarify something I’ve never had a color set on the SRK mix. I only contributed for the soundtracks :wink:

**^^^^ Ditto **

w i n

2nd half was music mixes, not color, in-case that was misunderstood.

Anyone know where this mix is available? It would become my used mix :slight_smile:

Colors: Bay6 - Casual Cartel

Music: Hollow - Donut - DVD Drummer

Basically, that SRK mix is too gdlk for words. All of it is top notch, but these are the settings me and rest or our crew use most of the time.

That music on my mix was created from scratch by my adopted brother here in Michigan. I was having a Marvel session at my home and told him if he could come up with 13 instrumentals,I would put them on the mix. I simply told him how I wanted the songs to FEEL. He did the rest.

The original one from Evo 2k7 wiff dat MANGO SENTINEL!

Everyone knows that Mango Sentinel is the best

on the srk mix I tend to choose

Casual Cartel, Bay 6, that one with the little red cloud (he has a pastel mix too) and coos coos

the problem with some mixes where all the characters are done and match is that they tend to not be colored well, random colors in places and they don’t work out and are just solid blocks on the chars. so I don’t really choose the other color mixes. There takes work to color every character, but also to make sure the colors are cleanly done overall. and I understand it’s usually one vs. the other, but I tend to prefer the cleaner, though sometimes less plentiful, colors

does anyone know which color set has black and gold (I think assigned to HK)? I played it while in IN, then later on burned my own mix but can’t find it. the colors were a little blocky, including others on that color mix, but I would still play it for the black and gold.

I only play Donuts music, I might check out hollow’s as it sounds interesting.

Mine has Black and gold assigned to HP.

no, that wasn’t it. the one I was playing had gold colored attacks and weapons too, and the gold was more yellow/gold than orange/darker tannish.

I looked through each color mix…and I couldn’t find it! This is the repak I’m looking on, maybe the colors were in the older one?

I also see there are a lot of repeats in colors…

like cooscoos and someone else’s colors are exactly the same

same with the pastel colors and icemanual