Mvc2 Casual matches

Taliban put up some matches in the evo2k4 section, but I figured not too many people look at that section anymore since evo2k4 is dead an gone. So uhh I decided to start this thread its him vs. me. We’ll record more later, if he’s down.

it takes me some page that doesn’t have anything

same teh link is broken :(…

its working for me fine downloading it right now

nice magnus mayhem there…

this reminds me of me and my homey playin at my house…

oh yea elaborate on “takin the penis” :xeye:

I don’t know I just say it to be stupid. Like we always say TAKE IT BITCH, so I just decided to say taking the penis.

Who ever is in the backround talking. God your fuckin annoying to listen to

O.k. That was me. :tup:


i loved the vids… plz put up more.

Not to mention an ass also. :tup:

Cool stuff in the vids tho.

What do you mean an ass? I was just joking around and talking shit, which he does too (but I guess he didn’t really want to much of his voice on the camera) so instead he picked servbot, and low tier and taunted, which is perfectly fine. I also told him (during the taping process) if my trash talk gets annoying, to let me know, and I would stop.

So how exactly was I bein an ass?

Maybe thats why you sound like an ass since you can’t really hear him say anything.

whats wrong with being an ass with your homey? i was laughing at the shit you guys were saying…

hey its all in fun right?

Hey, if taking the penis is your style, more power to you. :xeye:

(btw, that is a joke, CALM down… and there is nothing wrong with shit talk… just STFU and take the penis :rofl: )

i didnt get to look at the vids, cause i really hate mvc2 now… but the best way to describe this guy is …


you just have to go to ffa to understand why =P

Haha, I gotta see sanford mash, cuz I don’t see how I could possibly mash like him, or how I mash any different then anyone else.

Those fights were crazy. Alot of penis taking, but the matches were still good nonetheless. :tup:

That was a RANDOM set of matches. :tdown:


  • Nice Magneto/Storm
  • Nice servlot
  • VERY nice to let us see both of your skills.
  • EVEN NICER TO HOST the video (I am serious… I dunno anyone on this forum who will find a webhost for such a large vid file.)


  • I am fed up of watching OVER ONE HOUR of the same shit with Magneto/Storm/Psy vs Magneto/Storm/Tron. Make it shorter next time if you plan just to use the same teams over and over.
  • waste of band. (see above for why)
  • Not enough diversity: No blackheart/ironman/Juggernaut/Ruby/Ken/Ryu/blabla… , not enough Cable/Sentinel/doom