MvC2 Break Results for Nov 10th Jersey Break-Down

Think these are right, correct me if I’m wrong…(well I know the top 3 are right)

  1. Justin “I’m not going to enter Marvel 2” Wong
  2. Josh Wong (Sentinel-Storm-Commando)
  3. Brandon Deshields (Ironman-Storm-Sentinel/Psylocke)

Tied 5th
Rick Meers (sp?) and Julien Robinson

Tied 7th
"Darksyde" Phil Burnell and Josh Wigfall

Tied 9th
Kevin “Tadaos” Smith and Desmond “Xecutioner” Pinkney

Tournament notables:

-Damien Eklund sent Ricky Ortiz to loser bracket in the third round
-Phil beat Brandon round 3 only to lose to him later in the losers brackett.
-Phil finally beat Brayheem.
-Brandon caught Josh Wigfalls Magneto AND Psylocke in Ironman infinite --> Proton Cannon --> Hailstorm
-I beat Desmond in the 2nd round only to end up tying him anyway, what’s up with that?
-Justin somehow managed to throw Josh Wong 3 times in a row with Magnus after Josh teched the first 2.
-Justin’s MSP is sickening, someone say midscreen guardbreaks with Psylocke helper? Ugh…
-For once Nightmare James didn’t eliminate anyone (he usually always ends up beating SOMEONE with that Megaman team)
-Jersey cops suck for yelling at us outside when we were trying to take pictures

This is just preliminary results I’m sure the complete results will be posted soon. I appologize in advance if the top 5 through 10 aren’t completely right I just got home myself (it’s 3am)

Additional info:

-Bryheem eliminated Ricky Ortiz in losers and then nutted all over himself with joy. Much to the dismay of onlookers.
-Brandon’s Iron Man is too powerful. That kid can put you in the infinite from ground combos, air combos, guard breaks, if you DON’T block on the way in after one of your characters dies…and for the first time ever seeing this, on a STANDING SENTINEL with one hit of a SJ roundhouse, which somehow cancels out all super armor and pops him up into the perfect position. What the fuck is that wacky shit.
-The Break’s controls were good for the most part, excluding certain matches where notably good players like Desmond Pinkney, Rick Mears, and Bryheem got ground hyper viper beams x10. Somebody install those sticks at the proper angle please…
-Justin Wong is a dick, saying he’s retired and then entering to win the American PS2.
-I come out of retirement for one time only, expecting to own up in ST and MvC1. Instead I lose horribly in both, but beat top-tier players in MvC2 and have really close matches with others, tieing for 7th. Go figure. I really didn’t give a damn about that game, it was just a timekiller. Everybody was giving me props and I was just like “whatever.” That game sucks.
-Bryheem talked the most shit out of anyone, yelling and screaming while Philly players “represented.” Then when he met me in losers, his shit talking stopped when I owned him up 2-0 for the first time in years. He got so happy when playing me that he got a ground viper beam when he had a chance at ahvbx4, and got so mad that he lifted the control portion of the cab off the ground and slammed it back down…I just laughed and ignored it and continued to kick his ass. Too bad :frowning: better luck next time buddy. Stop being such a Cable scrub.
-I’ve decided that this was my LAST tournament, no ifs ands or buts about it. I won’t be at NEC3 or any tournaments anytime soon. I might show up on weekend tournies at the Break on occasion, but that will probably be it.

I’m out…


My nigga Brandon is too POWERFUL!!! Too bad Bryheem tactics didnt work this time. Brandon can beat Justin Wong, too bad he didnt’t play him:D . Where are the other tournament results.
NIghtmare James? Still Alive? Someone ban him for life for being such a loser. Josh im gonna smack you next time i see you for not letting Brandon win so he can dethrone justin, you bee-otch.

Now remember I was forced to enter. LOL

anyone have the CVS2 results?

Great job team Philly.:smiley:

Why did the King get in MVC2:bluu:

Justin is whack, he cant even beat Brandon.

Also someone post the rest of the results, stop being lazy biotches.Peace out fools.

i think cvs2 was 1st ricky 2nd julian what phi told me.

Did anyone from NJ even goto this tournament?

Thanks for the props everybody:D Phily did their job, the only thing we didn’t do was take the championship from justin which was josh wong’s job. We protected him, and we got him there. Although i wanted to play justin in the finals to see if i could take the crown since josh had his chance:bluu:

But it is all good, people are now saying that i can beat justin. I have no idea if i can or not but thanks for the props anyway. Justin did say he wanted to play me very badly, don’t worry justin you will play me at nec3.

The only thing is, i have to worry about sanford, and josh wigfall coming back after me at nec3 which they both said they are.

Oh another thing is, when i looked at josh wigfall when i had both his people in the infinite, and everybody starting saying OOOH!!!

Well, i am not normally like that, and i have nothing against josh and i don’t dislike him. He is a very kool person, i just got caught in the moment i guess.

But had mad fun with everybody there, and i alot of my friends i haven’t seen since summer jam 2, and march madness 2.

Philly all the way babe! Justin, our time will come my friend:evil:

Phi, tell me when you will put the pics, and matches up on your site.

hahaha I’ll wait for the real thread to talk shit

…MvC1 results please.

Super Armored characters have no protection from initial hard air punch or kick moves. Its the light kicks and punches they have protection from. Now ON THE GROUND, they do have protection from initial hard hits. But from air, none. There are some exceptions though. Example: From the ground, Collasues and Sentinal can launch super armored characters with one hit because they can’t combo a launch from a light hit (punch or kick) like all other characters. Or: From the air, characters like Blackheart, B.B. Hood, have no true hard kick or punch. They cannot penetrate super armored characters with one hit. Try it with any character that has hard kicks or punches from air, even Servbot hits through super armor. Hope this helps.

BTW, special congrats to Brandon on winning at the Philly tourney. Brandon, how come u won over Josh there, but lost here?! I hear your Irom Man is sick. Bet u been takin notes from Combofiend huh. He beat Sanford ya know, when Sanford was in Cali. Maybe u’ll beat him at NEC! I hope Im there to see it. Take care dawg.

All this NEC talk makes me wanna go. I just might go with the rest of the Jersey players going.

thanks kevin and phil for the rundown.

im going to fuck brandon up in mvc2 at nec3 I promise you people:mad: :mad: .
and arcade man since you want to mention me losing to combofiend in cali what you really dont know is we never finished our battle I put combofiend in losers 3-1 then he came back and beat me 4-1 to even the set and WE MEANING US decided to tie and split the money.

taz why dont you come to nec3 so I can bust your ass in mvc2 for my name coming out your mouth so much.


I’d like to come up there to try to beat your ass.

I hope i make hella bank this month and you can try against me:D

:lol: :lol: :lol: nigga PLEASE, mags/storm/cyclops will get raped freeeeeeeeee.

hey shut up bitch, i’m white and i suck:lol:

Gimme a break here:lol:

fuck this justin wong if you got any balls at all go to nec3 and enter mvc2 so I can end your 2 year streak im sick of being in your shadow enter an I promise you wont leave nec3 a winner:evil: :evil: .

you have proven that your the best at evol2k2 so for this one time enter mvc2 and give rowtron AND ME A REMATCH.

and if justin says yes rodolfo get your ass up here to nec3 so you and justin can settle your UNFINISHED BIS.

Whatever then, i want to come, more money for the pot.