- = Mvc2 Background Levels = -

Yeah i was curious if anybody would know where i can download pictures of the actual mvc2 levels in the game. I would like to use some of that wall paper for my own sites, if you or anybody know can you please help me?


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:tdown: Man i’m really disapointed on how nobody had any advice to give me on my small request…

ever thought that no one replied because nobody knows?

Aren’t most of the backgrounds 3D and animated?

And don’t they parallax?

That’s a pretty tough request, even if it were possible.

You’d have to find a way to take a shot of the whole background at once. AFAIK, there isn’t a way of doing that, since nothing really makes the camera zoom out.

If you took multiple shots from different sections of the stage, it would end up looking rediculous.

Also, you should probably wait more than a day for an answer. Not everyone checks these forums daily.

What the hell? Mind your manners, noob.

u got pooned by the two jay :karate:

There is a (unstable)program I have that can view the textures from MVC2.

You’ll need the DC iso of MVC2 in order for it to work.

If you want it I can upload it.

Listen, i have been on here since 2002 myself buddy. I don’t think there is anything noob about me. Anyways i was not aware that people don’t respond to these threads as quickly as i thought - my mistake.

Now with that out of the way, based on what i read the request i’m asking for is too difficult i see. I didn’t think so since i seen so many marvel pictures but with the characters fighting, then again i guess it wouldn’t be easy to just erase them out and do that… i would have no idea…well thanks for replying back.

Y2jay has been served! :karate:

Do you think it will work?

I’ve ripped most of the BKG’s textures from MVC2 using it, so yes.

To be honest i wouldn’t know where to begin with finding these programs. If you would happen to have the time could you please post up that swamp level, with the ship in the background.

Well I can’t really. The backgrounds are in 3D. All you can view with the program is the textures wrapped around the models.

They wouldn’t be what you wanted now that I think about it.

That’s what I thought.

You’d have to find a way to extract the models as well, in order to recreate the backgrounds.

Or you’d have to find some way of hacking the game (or an emulation program that’s able to run it) to have the camera zoom out all the way. But I don’t even know if a camera zoom function was even implemented to MvC2 (the camera just tracks the highest character, doesn’t it?), which would make things even more difficult.

Parallaxing backgrounds are a bitch to capture properly.

Your best bet is to just capture screens from the different sections (left corner, right corner, middle, etc) and just stitch them together. It will look retarded stitched together, but you might be able to do some editing to get it to look decent.