MvC2 & 3s at century theaters

for all you beaverton hillsboro folk who are interested we have a friend who took the tech position @ century16 near cedar hills and put in marvel and 3s we need or should get a day out there where we all can get together i know i will be there as often as i can afford but please lets get some kind of scene going out here!

I will most likely never show up. Therefore, a scene will never develop.

what if they got CvS2?

anyway just a note, the 3rd Strike has an “out of order” sign on it right now because there’s no kick harness hooked up to it yet.

also, the 3rd Strike is an “Asian” territory version, which means there are no Japanese voices in it. So instead of Ryu saying “Hadoken” he says “HWAH!” Obviously doesn’t affect gameplay any but it’s kinda weird/funny.

I heard that when it is ready for play it’ll be set on 2 tokens to start, 1 token to continue… at 25 tokens for $5 that’s a much, much better deal than Tilt.

I was just kidding of course; the reason I wouldn’t show up is I don’t want to drive that far. If there were cvs2 tournaments, however, I would show up.

i wouldn’t ever ask you to drive to beaverton, all the rich kids get jealous of how clean your car is and the kick in the side i feel really bad about that >.< but please keep up the chatter on this hopefully we’ll be setting up tournies out there and i know that will get some attention as it involves either anthony or samY taking all our money but i really hope people start showing up there randomly or not if people who would/will show up on a certain day lets get something said about it =D i frequent the area oftenly and i’m not terribly hard to get ahold of so if someone wants to play give me a call!

Actually, now that I think of it, I would show up for a 3S tourney. I just wouldn’t show up every week for casuals.

I was in the neighborhood yesterday and I stopped by to check the spot out. Val and Sammy were there playing some 3S. I must say, once Sammy gets some P630’s in that cab, Century will be THE spot for 3S. Much more room, better monitor, 25 cents to continue. I’m not saying Tilt is gonna die, but if none of these factors change, this place is gonna be hot. Hopefully we’ll see a new scene come together.

i was playing some marvel and some 3s today had trouble jumping (up right) randomly worked on and off some better sticks would be ideal.

ps i now hold top scores on mvc2 and 3s rofl.

gimmie a time to show and ill show but i gotta ask for the day off but by ceader hills? how far is it exactly?

that should be a good reference point

It seems like this place will be poppin’ pretty soon. I want to go now because I like to follow others, similar to Lemmings from that one game.
Are people gonna go there tomorrow? It’s my last class tomorrow so I’ll CvS2 at my house if anyone wants to come, but I also want to check out this place.

We should go check it out, then head back to your place for CvS2. I can meet you there. If you’re up for it, just name the time.

This place isn’t so great. I am doubtful a scene will appear, but I would still show up for a tournament if one were to be held there.
The 3S machine is definitely better than tilt’s though.

thursday is defintaly not the day to do anything here. they have some sort of audit’s and the close the arcade lol.

good matches ross & BBH and bye the way nice display of shin-sho finishes BBH lol

Man… Ross was there yesterday? I would’ve shown up if I would’ve known…

EDIT: Damn! I just noticed I got hella negative rep! There are some playa hataz in this thread.

if i had a premium account i’d give you hella green boxes just because your amingo is the shit.

i will be here tomorrow afternoon if anyone wants to come get ahold of me through here or through aim: WinterOfHeresy

they put 360’s in 3rd strike ^^

oh if no one wants to go here