MVC1 Thread

Anyone know any good combos/glitches?

Also if anyone has a list of top tiers it would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Anything else would be cool also. Just wanted to see if the game goes more deeper than just air combos/unlocking secret characters and cross over stuff. Thanks.

dont play this game. this shit is broken. it doesn’t get “deep” at all. its all jump whoring, uncombo glitch, and duo’s

save yourself the trouble and get on xvsf or mvc2.

yeah dont play this broken piece of shit, play this other broken piece of shit instead!

MvC1s engine is stupid but it has tons more to learn than XvSF

Not really.

Pick GWM/WM. Jump around with fierce til you get 3 meters. Then hit QCB+HP+HK, QCF+two kicks a lot. You are now dope at MvC1!

haha, i told you.

in both XsF and MvC you can get infinited to death.

except in MvC you can only infinite someone to death if you’re 1p.