MvC Origins Matchmaking: BRING ALL YOUR SALT.

Didn’t see a thread for this, so I figured I’d start it. Post your info so we can get some games going. Simple enough. :smiley:

My tag: Onslaught EXE


I’ll post here because you never know who’s gonna look at these threads, even though the game is freaking dead.

I’m on Xbox and up for some games in either MSH or MvC1. GT is MetalDeggial.

I’m gonna pick this up next time it goes on sale. Hopefully that’ll busy it up a bit and I can grab some friends who won’t immediately abandon it. When it happens I’ll come back n add you n anybody else that leaves a tag.

I play MSH.
Xbl: wolverine masta
psn: wolverine-masta

MvC1 here havent played in a long time tho

PSN NickGuy032008

Add me :RaspyCape

Haven’t played in a min cause I can never find online matches. Also still learning the game.