MvC Ebay heads up

I just looked through the TO sticky and didn’t find anything prohibiting this so here we go.

I was just browsing arcade units on ebay which I do every now and again for shits and giggles and I came accross this auction. I am not associated with the seller in any way but I just thought i’d post this as it seems like someone could make out with a pretty good deal here, especially if you’re in the NJ/NYC area:

I appologize in advance if this shouldn’t be posted here. If I had the space for a full size unit in my residence I’d pick it up myself.

i wish i could play X-MAN vs ST :frowning:

the cab says “Street Fight. 2nd Strike” on the marquee:rofl:

good find…
2bad I moved to Ga a few months ago : (

“players engage in a fight to the death ( BUT COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS FIGHTING NOT PEOPLE)”.