MvC 1, Third Stirke, Tekken 5 Tournament at Vista Boomers August 3

They should have a marvel 2 tourny on console also:wonder:.

3s machine is pretty weird. Random concave/convex buttons, damage is tweaked, and strong button on 2p side doesn’t register all the time.

T5 machine is weird too…japanese sticks but concave buttons. Odd combination.

get the shit fixed or you’ll have a zero turn out, and say what the prizes are, if it’s not cash then there’s no reason for anyone to waste their time or gas coming to this place

is the damage fixed…are the buttons fixed???

whats the prize? a thousand dollars or 10 tokens and a free round of mini golf?

i just came back from boomers and the buttons are still shit and the strong on p2 side decides when it wants to work on its own, but the damage seemed fine not really sure though. i tried to find the guy in charge of this so i could see what the prizes are, but the dude was nowhere to be found. one of the other workers said the tourney was happening for sure. since its so close to my house i’ll show before this shit starts and ask what the prizes are. if its not money i’ll head back home and play 3s and would be down to throw a console tourney at my house if anyone is interested. all i would need is brackets

I’m with you, Bryan. I got nothing better to do tonight.

shin viro check your pm’s

the tourny was okay. would’ve been better if there was a bigger turn out, but you guys just really need some new buttons and the games to be at 25 cents and you’ll be good to go. also if you guys got rid of some of those shit games like svc chaos and mortal kombat and put in cvs2 and if you turned mvc1 into mvc2 and t5 into t5dr you’d have a much bigger scene. anyways, shin viro thanks for all the free credits and tell the other dude who helped fix everything thanks for the free drinks.

tell them to get competition sticks with hard spring also! those ultimates or supers or whatever they were, kinda sketchy.

today i asked the guy in charge of the arcade, his name is bobby, what kind of sticks they were and he said they were ultimates, and i told him to get some competition sticks and some happ buttons and i guess he pays for them himself or something, but he said he’ll get some in there in about 3 or 4 weeks. if they do anyone who plays 3s should come down. it’s 50 cents a game but i still haven’t paid to play yet because the game techs were being way chill about free credits, but i suggested they change it to 25 cents a game. even if they don’t make it 25 cents i’ll play here tuesdays and thursdays when they have those wristband days where it’s like 10 or 12 bucks for free play on arcade games

For those who want to see mk4 and svc gone i would suggest trying to submit it on paper and tell them which games to put in instead. I would want to see cvs2, t5dr and guilty gear. I’ve been talking to Bobby about it but it’s all up to the bid wigs. If anyone does submit something ask for a general manager so they can look at it. I will keep on trying to convince them in getting more games and better buttons.

i’ll try and stop in today and let them know what’s up

for anyone who cares, this place just got competition sticks put on the 3s machine today, and buttons are coming they’re just on back order is what i was told