Musics in fighting games

Whenever you play a fighting game,… that is, …if you ever play fighting games…, you should know that music usually sets the mood… the music in this game featured mostly hard rock and heavy metal tracks …generally the background music…

Um, OK. What fighting game are you talking about?

WWE Raw…which is my favourite…fighting game…forever…and the musics …(rocks…and metal) are matching with the game…
and whats ur favourite…

I can’t say that I’ve played that game. And, in fact I hate wrestling. (Sorry).


3rd Strike has pretty amazing music. So does Skullgirls for sure.

Maybe…you mean…Guilty…


Also, you ought to quit it with the ellipses.

Heaven…Or Hell…Duel one, LETS…ROCK.

Hi Geese Pants’ little brother.

The music in the Super Street Fighter 2 games have probably my favourite fighting game soundtrack ever.
All the themes made in the games are just so goddamn iconic and classic.
[spoiler=A few themes from the games]

If we’re talking wrestling, the original Smackdown on PS1 had the best soundtrack.


What’s with all the dots in your post? Do you hate pac man or something?



Best FG soundtracks ever.

I’d have to go with Senko no Ronde



Makes picking your characters an enjoyable experience

My favorite of all time is a tie between CVS1 and CVS2. I also like Guilty Gear and 3s.

KOF got that funk!


3rd Strike would probably be my favourite. Skullgirls has got some fantastic music as well.

Any music made from arika suits fighters. Also the Tekken series has ALWAYS had top notch music. Virtua Fighter 2 on the sega saturn had a great arranged soundtrack as well

I am here:

pfft, none of them come close to the GG or BB ost :rock::rock:
ougon musou kyoku also has great music, but is not a surprise considering the source material

KOF 96 has the best soundtrack not only between fighting games but gaming in general! People talk about GG and BB but all I can hear in their OSTs is repetitive guitar lines and little else. The variety and execution of the KOF soundtrack is unmatched till now!