Munich Arcades?

I’m guessing no, but are there any?

Actually it’s the only German Arcade I know and it opened just recently:

Landshuter Allee 31
80637 Muenchen

open from 9:30-20:00

If you want more info and you can read German (or browse the thread for pictures):

It’s nothing too big :P, but it has fighting games and I know some guys from the German fighting scene who play there.

Cool! I see that it’s on Donnersbergerbrucke, but I don’t really understand the directions afterwards. Could you explain that to me? Do I take te 53 bus there? Where do I get tickets for the bus if that’s the case?

You simply buy your ticket from the bus driver^^
I believe it’s the same with the S-Bahn

ok… I try a translation…

starting at the central station (Hauptbahnhof)…
There you take the “S-Bahn” (some sort of “interurban train”) in direction “Laim”. You get off the train at “Donnersberger Brcke”

There you take the Bus Number 53. After 2 stations in direction “Rotkreuzplatz”
(the station name seems to be “Schlrstrae”, but he isn’t totally sure) you get off again.
The arcade is on the other side of the street.

Another way of getting there:
You simply take the U-Bahn (subway). You need to get to a station called "Rotkreuzplatz"
There you take Bus Nr. 53 (for two stations) and should be there as well.

He said it should take about 20 minutes…

There should be a bus every 9 minutes and a S-Bahn every 2…

I hope it’s understandable…

If you happen to meet “Redgouki” or “Makoto” there, say hello from “Shoto”^^

Ok. I’m headed to Dachau via the S4 on the weekend, so on the way back, I may take the U-bahn to the Rotkreuzplatz afterwards. I’m gonna assume that two stops is still walking distance.

Yumi, the S4 stops at Donnesbergebruke- so why not just get off there and take the bus. I’ve never tried walking from Rotkreuzplatz, but I would recommend the Sbahn and bus route suggested by JPJ- I’ve done it several times myself. BTW I’m not sure when you’re thinking of going, but I think the arcade may be closed Sundays.

Hey Im Makoto, I also live in Munich and visit the arcade quite regularly. I play mainly 3s but the arcade owner also has other bemus like alpha 3 and garou.
Maybe we could meet sometime there next week and play some games, since the german (and escpecially munich scene) lacks competition I’m always up for some matches.
If youre interested just write back or send me a pm.

Yeah, I stopped by last Saturday around 2ish, but didn’t see anyone there. I was told by the owner(?) to come back around 4 on Saturdays, so I’ll probably stop by this Saturday.

I’m not much of a 3S or A3 player; my main games are CvS2, GGXX and Samurai Showdown V, VSP or tenka. But I’ll play anyways.

Jion_Wansu: I did see the Las Vegas; I think it’s just a bar now with slot machines and stuff. Never went in there though. But yeah, I didn’t see any other arcade places at all; though I was gonna go check out the Messerstadt West.

Well me and jhova (another english speaking cvs2 player) probably wont be there because there is a really big tourney in Stuttgart on saturday…Check this thread if you want to know more:

Anyways send me a pm when you want to go next time so we can meet and play some rounds

I’d like to go to that, but I can’t because I have exams on the 18th, so I can’t afford to use the entire weekend.

I work until 6 at the Karlsplatz, so maybe some weekday when I’m not dead tired then. Or the next weekend is good too.

Back from 1993 until 1995 I went to this place in Munich with my brother called Las Vegas. Is that still there? We played MK2/MK3/UMK3, etc. some Super Turbo as well. The other arcade my brother and I went to was the one in Fuerstenfeldbruck. I was under 18 at the time so sometimes I could not get into Las Vegas because I didn’t have ID and such. Other times I just walked past the ID checking guy. Also, I went to this place called Munich Software center in Westkreuz (played MK, MK2, Neo Geo games, etc.) The arcade on Fuerstenfeldbruck was one of the few arcades that had the rare Mortal Kombat II (rev L1.1) with the Shang Tsung glitches and all the fun glitches and Baraka’s Blade Spin. Man those were the days. CE, WW, HF, Super, and ST were everywhere in Munich. Kind of like in the Bay Area back then as well. I first starting playing SF2 back in '91 in Morgan Hill, CA. Anyways, enough of my babling.

Edit: go to FFB and Las Vegas, unless there are better arcades…

Damn, I guess it’s just a bar now…

This is my post, but the username says “System” for some reason:

Munich actually has a scene.

Its not an arcade but a group of competitive fighting game players and the meet pretty regulalry.