Multiple models/skins per character

Hello people at!

I’ve registered to this forum to come and ask a question about the character model/skins (for the game Street Fighter 4, in case someone overlooked that), since I enjoy playing with custom models and skins and ran into some trouble.

So… I downloaded custom skins, for some even multiple, and I was able to make a character have multiple custom skins, instead of just one with the default colour number the downloaded custom-skin file had (when you choose your character you can select from 10 different colours when all unlocked, yeah those :P).

Now, for some characters I have downloaded multiple models, for example for Ryu. I’ll have a look at Ryu. I assume the file called “…\Street Fighter 4\Battle\Chara\RYU\RYU_01.cos.emz” is the model file for Ryu, and the files below that file are the skins, as shown when going to this url:

I’m currently using the Jin’s mod for Ryu, but I would also like to have the alternate skin enabled, the official one, like this:

Now, when I change the colour number of a skin, for example, I want to have colour nr. 1 to be colour nr.10, I use Notepad+ to edit the RYU_01_01.col.emz and the RYU_01_10.col.emz files with Notepad+ like this:
Then I edit the lines in green, to make it look like this: RYU_01_10.obj.emm and RYU_01_10.col.emb. I do this the same way with the RYU_01_10.col.emz but then I change it to numer 1, you get it.
It may/may not be the right way to do it, but it works for me, so why not? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, when I want to have a character (in this case Ryu), to have multiple MODELS, for example:
Colour number 1 bound to the model: custom model-Jin with “RYU_01_01.col.emz” with the file named to RYU_01_01.col.emz,
and have colour 2 bound to model: Alternate-Ryu with the file named to RYU_02_02.col.emz.

I thought it would work out by editing RYU_01_02.col.emz (Colour 2), and change it to RYU_02_02.col.emz, and have the “RYU_02.cos.emz-file” to be the model of model:Alternate-Ryu.

But, when I try this method, the game crashes, so by doing it this way, it proved to be ineffective.
Do any of you have a way to get this working?
Feel free to ask me any questions whatsoever, as long as it has to do something with this ‘problem’, like I forgot some important information or something else helpful for you to provide a useful answer.

Thanks for reading all of this, and for the M. Bison fans I have a picture for you :rofl:

You basically did it right, but you have to open the col and coz files with a hex editor, scroll to the bottom and change the costume names there too.

Thank you very much for your reply, I’ve also tested this method by using a Hex-editor, but it seems that’s just another way to accomplish the same result. Unfortunately, the two different models just don’t seem to work at the same time. I’ve tried a lot of file editing, but all with the same result, the game just doesn’t really like having two seperate models at once.
Maybe I’m just doing it wrong and there is another way to get this to work?
If so, please let us know!