Hey guys, i’m working with a friend of mine on a “serious” combo video with “normal” chars in mugen.
Please be without prejudice on this one :slight_smile:
We worked really long for some nice combos and the trailer is already out!
So what do you guys think about it? I will post some new stuff when its finished.

Greets, PatUe

I laughed.

Nice combos

Thanks ^^

That was kinda painful to watch and I really want those few minutes of my life back. :frowning:

its not about graphic, not yet…

I don’t think he was talking about graphics.

Eh…this may be a troll but I’ll give the good answer. Because the characters you are using are able to cancel everything into everything, the video is a little bit lackluster. Following one super combo into another super combo is cool but when every combo is the same, it gets boring very fast. You want to consider using all the other characters not named “GOD SHIN EVIL RYU/AKUMA/KEN XXX.”

Or if you want to get mugen games and make a combo video for them, there is The Black Heart and Saturday Morning Mayhem. The first one is gothic themed but the people in the thread swear by the game (haven’t personally tried it). The second one is made by a guy in the site and its pretty much Xmen: Children of the Atom with Mickey (wizard’s apprentice), Popeye, Sho’nuff and Captain Caveman. Can’t remember the rest of the roster off the top of my head but it was pretty tight. Those might be better options than using to ridiculously made characters and showing how they can super the nuts out of everybody.


Hmm ok, i will consider that.
I know that the linking is not hard, but to find the right timing to amplify a combo is hard :slight_smile: that is what our video mainly is about, making “nice looking not easy” - combos ^^
we’ll see what the next video will show us.

Funniest video ever! MUGEN= Good comedy fighting

Wow. reminds me of when me and my buddy spent hours in alpha 3’s dramatic battle mode.

We were 12.

people still use mugen? it looks like you put it on demo mode and let the PC do all the work for you

Thanks for the compliment; thats what it should look like :wink: