Mugen Character Playtesting Videos thread

No other topic I could find seemed to fit what I have in mind here, so New Thread.

Here I plan to showcase characters made by various authors. Their files will be kept to default, and if there are any changes, it will be cosmetic like fixing their sprite sizes. Anyway, onto the videos:

Kyo Kusanagi XIII - Ahuron


First off my computer sucks, so to play without slowdown and drop combos at least by my own fault, it’s best I simply record my screen with a camera. Didn’t go too far into mechanics here, just messing around and happy that I could use my camera for something. Besides, a moment after uploading it, I found some guy who did a proper combo video for this version of Kyo. Crazy inaccurate. Love them 50% ex fireball combos.

Shen Woo XIII - Ahuron


Link for both characters in the youtube description. More in depth this time comparing the Mugen to the authentic version. Two things I forgot to include were that he can’t do,,, and currently, playing two Shen Woo’s together, if I’m walking forward and have p2 shen woo do any kick attack, p1 will walk right through. So goes the quality of Ahuron’s characters.

maybe the 3rd strikes’ the charm, eh?

What are you talking about?

There’s a mugen thread already. post that shit there instead of opening new threads.