MTLSF presents INFILTRATION II (Montreal, Quebec) - April 3rd, 2010

The Operation Continues.

MTLSF congratulates Chi-Rithy, winner of the first INFILTRATION series events. The man has fought and earned his glory. But who will be our next champion?

April 3rd, come on out to the Battle Arena for a chance at taking back what’s yours.

GAME: Street Fighter 4


NetChamp Battle Arena
1822 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, QC H3H


$10 for all day play at NetChamp Battle Arena
SF4 Tournament Fee: $10


Sign ups go from 3pm-5pm, the games begin at 5pm sharp.


Rules, regulations and format will follow our standard Evolution style singles tournament brackets. 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games.

No Turbo buttons.

Any breaks in gameplay, deliberate or not, will award a decision to player NOT responsible for the break, to either restart the round or accept the round win. Disturbances must be reported the moment they occur. If both players resume play consensually, there will be no reverse judgment on the results.

If you have already won a previous INFILTRATION tourney, you cannot participate in another one.


  • 70% of Tournament pot
  • A paid hotel room at select destination in Ontario

Retribution awaits.

Nagata sticky signal

Generic hype comment, etc.

I see what you did there.

I like it.

guys dont bother coming im gonna take it.

for real this time.

I’m taking all thumb wrestling MM challenges.


so is chi-rithy allowed to join?

“If you have already won a previous INFILTRATION tourney, you cannot participate in another one.”

a little heads up the Buddah Force is coming so get your Seth training in before its too late

Is there a reason this is taking place on Easter weekend? I thought you guys were disappointed enough with the turnout at the first event.

second easter weekend compaint - this is going to make it significantly more difficult for GTA players (at least those who do shit with their family on easter) to cnme through to the event. for this reason, and this reason alone, i will probably not be able to make it. =/

easter? hunt for eggs?
yeah sorry the media has taught me bullshit about national holidays.
We respect your beliefs and all but with all due respect, Montreal and Ontario in general both have so many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds that only a few of us wouldn’t come due to that holiday.

but still =(
too bad you guys cant come.
but have fun with your families =)

Seriously they guys have a valid point not the smartest thing to run a Tournament on Easter weekend for the people that actually care and celebrate…
How stupid would this look if we have evern less people than last time ?? I for one might not make it … not that people give a shit or not but ya 1 less 2 less 3 less … and so on = shitty turnout …

Would you say this event is bigger than jesus? :open_mouth:

I dont care about it actually beeing on easter weekend but it just prevents me from taking Sunday off. So I guess Ill just come to the tourney and then go home ;___;

I’m just saying, numbers last time weren’t so impressive, why intentionally plan the next event so that a bunch of people won’t come?

I doubt the tourney was intentionally planned on the Easter holiday.
But yeah Khmer New years is about 2 weeks after easter. I bet nobody cares about that huh? I bet most of the top players in mtl would still come anyways =P

well I wouldnt be agaisnt postponing the tourney either for another week. it just means we can get more advertising out there for a better turnout.

Either way lets just hope we can work this out for the best.

Happy hunting.

ok so how about we fukin HYPE this shit up ?
lets make baby jesus proud !!!

I agree with why this would be on easter weekend, I think it would be best to postpone this to another week, some GTASF wont be making it out because of it myself included.

HeaTBlazn, I understand your point that it’s incredibly difficult to accommodate every holiday, festival, or religious day given the multicultural nature of the SF scene, but I think it’s a bit of a red herring - the fact is, there are a large number of people who, in some way or another, celebrate Easter over Easter weekend. We’re not asking that the tournament organizers dodge all days of marginal culturally relative significance - simply that they try to avoid one of the most commonly celebrated holidays in the world. Would you go to a tourney on Christmas?

You’re the reason this holiday exist :wink: