MSTron Strategy and Combos

Sorry I had to create this thread, I searched through several pages and found nothing about this team. Could someone post general strategy against Scrub, Santrax, MSS and MSP with this team. Also I would appreciate if you guys can post combos for this team. Any tips and tricks will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

drop tronne, mash tri jump. What else does this team do?


assist kill

get crazy



lol, why are you throwing up on psyduck? :frowning:

you can otg tron and lunch into a combo. yes, lunch… not launch, but you can lunch them into it. + call tron,, xx sj,, land, dash c.hp, lunch meat, air combo xx hg xx hailstorm. it’s about 80% life GONE.

Storm can also play tricky shit off the ground with her. There’s some deadly resets

keep in mind… with MST, you have no anti air, BUT… they fuck up once and land on tron, they’ll be sorry, so their rushdown must be on precisely.

so drop tronne, mash on tri jump?