MSP Whores....

I can’t seem to counter them. Its a pretty invincible team, but if I use the same team, my opponent wins because his mag/storm is slightly better. Any suggestions on how to overcome MSP? I got a tourney this saturday and looking for all the help i can get :).

Its funny.

Your title says that you’re the pwner of justin wong, but you can’t even beat MSP.

Yes man my title and sig is all comedy but it doesnt mean its true and this mag im talking about is truely hardcore. 1 launch, ur dead, ROM infinite and the MTxxDHC HS and its an automatic KO.

Ya I’m sure you’re the first person to ever think of that. Let me guess you’re gonna post about cable being able to do 3 AHVB’s in a row next right ?

AHVB = Air Hyper Viper Beam (just so you know)

trouble with msp, thats new @_@
just pick scrub, put sent first, block for half the match, tech any throws and mash on capcom. if that doesnt work just pick santhrax or matrix.
but if u think ur good enough pick a team with sent-A and counter call your assist till psy’s dead. once psy dies, ggpo msp.

pick MST… tron rings own psylocke

yes cable was god before but not these days, its all mag/storm. i knew what AHVP was…

i’m sure they do, from a distance. this guy is always close and on the attack but cyclops seems to do well until storm comes in. her HS super owns any assist. i mostly need help on her. if i choose capcom he gets owned by mag and i dont use cable because he gets owned pretty easily these days. one day i might record a vid of us playing so you’d know, Krasshole :slight_smile:

ur kidding right. cable is freakin still awesome. there are alot of counters for msp all u have to do is think dude.

Al, is that a real pic or did you photoshop the “W”? :smile:

my friend took it for me. i thought it was photoshop but he said he took it legit :karate:

Yep, I could foresee it. There always has to be some dirty condom residue like you who starts a flame war for absolutely no reason. What a dirtbag you are.

Easy Answer

Sentinel :slight_smile:

MSP is one of the destructive team in the game because he can beat the team in just 25 secondz… and can do perfect unlike any team…IMO

Only MSP can perfect…
think about it…so therefore it is hard to beat.
but the counter team is here:
storm/sentz + anti air
MSP- (you must have a good execution and must quick mind as well)

M/S/Cyke can handle msp rather well since msp u must rush and MSCyke u play patiently. Just bait out psylocke and punish (Well that goes for anyteam u use =D).

ONLY huh ???

Explain how I’ve perfected someone with Mag/Storm/Doom.

Uhh you played someone who sucked, thats the only way you get perfects.

just call her right before you block. psylocke will land in them, and his magneto will either have to block, thus slowing his ass down, or get hit by 3 vicious rings.

and seriously, anything that uses drones, rocks, storm, or cyclops pretty much beat MSP, so stop bitching. just pick a counter team and if you still have problems, you need to practice

mixup perfected demon hyo… wong perfected blaziniflo… yeah, beacuse they suck, right?

I’ve never perfected brandon, pretty close but…

Well, after watching the NEC vids… Demon Hyo perfected Desmond… and Desmond isn’t exactly a shitty player.

oh my bads… i heard some ppl in CTF talking about you double perfecting him… or maybe it was DSP… i think that was it… money matches vs. DSP… i THINK… correct me again if i’m wrong