MSH -- Captain America combo

OK. I was screwing around on emulator after getting home today. Why the hell does this work. I don’t get it.

Jump in fierce, rh. Dash in low jab, low strong, low fierce. SJ jab strong fwd, fierce. Double jump jab strong fierce. Land. Stand jab, forward throw. (This combos). Stand strong and air combo as normal into infinite.
(Done to Magneto because I hate him and I think it’s funny watching him get infinited)

OK. I can accept a throw comboing. But a throw counts as a special and in this combo there is flying screen. So it shouldn’t work in the first place, nor should it combo. Also, you can relaunch with stand strong.

Why does this work?

–Jay Snyder

Cause it is MSH :lol::lol::lol:

Here’s a replay of the combo taken from kawaks. I wonder if this kind of thing works with any other character or on any other game.

–Jay Snyder

Simple explanation - throws reset flying screen restrictions.

Technical explanation:

You set up flying screen and the standing jab produces a specific reaction - a non knockdown reaction while flying screen is still active. In otherwords, if you did nothing else the opponent would flip after the jab and be able to block in the air. Since it’s MSH, the standing jab also lets you combo a throw while they are in this reaction (works in XSF also) and infact you combo a ground throw (i could go into the technical reasons for this but lets just skip them for right now). From there you launch and go into an air combo that ends in infinite. If you wanted you could have done the exact same air combo ending in flying screen, standing jab, ground throw launch 1 more time (can’t combo 3 throws…can’t even attempt a 3rd throw, game simply won’t let you, opponent has to go back to neutral first) into another air combo.

Derek Daniels