MSC: MK9 Practice Sessions(Monrovia, Ca)

Okay guys, I’ll work on the details when I get back from Philadelphia. I wanted to do it on the 28th of this month, but I’m going to be tired as hell since I leave Philly Monday morning, and get back to LA at 1:00pm.

1:00pm - 10:00pm

MSC:Mortal Monday Casuals! UMK3,MKvsDC,SSFIV+ Monrovia, Ca

Don’t just show up, please post in here. I will make a short list of people for the first day, then from there. I will decide how many people can show up. This is still a school.

  1. Krayzie Bone
  2. Wonder Chef
  3. Nakm
  4. Shoryu Reppa

Reserved. :china:

yo nigga we IN THERE

Apparently, there are quite a few people who aren’t able to make it on Monday. And since my last week of this semester in school is next week, I will be able to change the clubs schedule.

Please let me know when people are available to come down here.

I want to start by hosting MK9 sessions! I need to introduce this game to everyone now. Send me a PM if you’re interested, or visit me on, I’m constantly in the shoutbox area if you need me.

Are you guys going to have another night of games? I just got MvC3 and I want to play with other people, so I’m not very good–looking for more casual play. I’m in Rowland Heights and everything seems to be pretty “far” away, like West of Downtown, so just looking for something a bit closer by and this seemed like a good one…Thanks!

Where da eff are REL, SEQUEL, SHORYU, KOBE, ETC ETC?

yall aint ready for my nightwolf.


So I just registered for classes, and I will be attending Tuesdays and Thursdays, leaving my WNF days free, and my tournament weekends free.

Now I can easily have sessions on Monday, Friday, or Saturday. I’ve got a lot of interest in hosting casuals for MK, and I would be more than happy to open up our auditorium here at Mt.Sierra College for all MK players looking to level up.

The sessions will take place in Monrovia, and although I do understand it might be far for some of you, this wont be just some random gathering. I will be more than happy to level up anybody in SoCal who wants to learn this game. People keep saying, “There are no real consistent practice locations for MK.” But there is clearly a large demand for it, everybody is always asking where there are sessions, but nobody is taking the initiative to actually host them.

I have the solution here, but I want to make sure that you guys are willing to come by, help grow and level up together.

Revelations and Evolution are getting closer, and I’m geared towards leveling SoCal up to take the title. Please post if you are interested, or if you have any good ideas for sessions. The auditorium is nice, there is no doubt about that, you wont suffer from heat, and there is always parking. Once again, please post your interest in coming down here, and then I will do the rest.

You know I’m down, and I can actually post about it now!


On a sort of bi-weekly basis, BeeJayisCool has been hosting casual sessions at my shop on Thursday nights (9:00PM-3:00AM) primarily for MvC3. If there is interest for more spots to meetup and play MK, we can run MK concurrently on these Marvel nights. We have one X360 and one PS3 setup.

I’m always down for MK.

I get out of school around 10:00pm, but I can head over right after. And PS3 plz.