MS Paint Whispers II: Is Fuzz a Dog or a Moose? -- GAME OVER, IRAQI CIVILIANS WIN

Welcome to the game thread for the second SRK game of MSPaint Whispers. “What the hell is that, trap-lover?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s essentially a fantastic blend of Chinese whispers with MSPaint. Special thanks to @Synonym for bringing the format to SRK!

The way the game works is pretty simple. Players are divided into “describers” and “drawers”, with an even number of both participating.

The way it works is fairly straight forward. The first describer is shown a stimulus image chosen by myself. They then attempt to describe that picture to the first drawer in 10 words via PM. You can not include a copy of the original image, nor a link to where it can be found (ie. re-upload it to imgr). The first drawer then attempts to draw the described scene in MSPaint. The drawer has 24 hours to produce their image, before that image is shown to the next describer.

Describers: Act like you would in a game of Chinese whispers. You have 10 words to describe the picture presented to you, and have 12 hours to do so.

Drawers: Attempt to draw a picture that matches the described scene. You have 24 hours within which to do so.

Da Rules

  1. This is a game about trying to convey information accurately. Obviously, we like to have fun on SRK but if your entire description is “dicks x10” I’m probably going to ask you to resubmit it.
  2. Don’t post anything related to the drawing/describing in the game thread. Feel free to say when you’ve had your turn, however it’s a lot more fun if players are left guessing until the end so I wont be publically posting the real order until the game has concluded.
  3. You are not allowed to include a link to the stimulus image you were given as part of your description. The same goes for the drawings, it cannot just be a list of the 10 words you were presented with. Small details may be allowed, ie a shop name indicating that a building is a McDonalds, but that is pretty much the extent of it.
  4. Don’t be an asshole and try and exploit some loophole or another. I might have left something out of the rules but this isn’t mafia, it’s Chinese Whispers.
  5. Have fun! Be creative! Lynch Fuzz!
  6. Collaging in pictures is unfortunately going to be against the rules. You are welcome to use programs other than MSPaint, as long as you adhere to the other rules.
  7. Drawings are to be submitted via the stimulus PM, and ideally should be submitted in .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .png formats. There are a number of locations you can upload the image to, including,, etc.


  1. AlphaCommando
  2. Synonym
  3. ForgeDigger
  4. chadouken!
  5. The Furious One
  6. RadicalFuzz
  7. CanadianDstryr
  8. Hecatom


  1. Vynce
  2. joshkaz
  3. Pimp Willy
  4. Bious
  5. Blindknagg
  6. Raij1n
  7. Augustus
  8. GodonicTheRevengehog

This is not the order in which i will send out. I will give the order at the end of the game. Please don’t post what you make in the thread, but if you want to let people know when you’ve had your turn, that’s okay.

If you want an example of how previous Whispers have run please check this out:

[MSPaint Whispers I](MSPaint Whispers: Game Thread




Time to win this shit again.


Time to win this shit again.


Time to win this shit again.

Eh… Put me down as a wild card.

So I heard you were in need of a drawer an artist?

Moose Tier: AlphaCommando
Dog Tier: Bious

Sign me up to draw (provided this game goes ahead fairly soon).

It will Syn, that’s why i started this up immediately. I wanted to get you in this.

I’ll be a describer again, if only to see if Alpha can actually draw this time.

Describer checking in

Wild card.

And I still have a problem with “Have fun! Be creative! Lynch Fuzz” that rule is OP.

God Tier: Godzilla.


Hopefully my describer isn’t another joshkaz.

Or Joshkaz himself?

That too.


I find the dog in Forge’s avatar tasteless and ugly.

I’m in again. Doesn’t matter which.

Are you sure that’s not a moose?