Mr. Mortified, I need your modding services again! - or other modders in the GTA

You haven’t replied to conversations so I’m trying to get your attentiion this way!

However, if there are modders in the GTA, that could work too.

Have an Hori EX2 stick, looking to get a PS360+ installed into it. I’m also inquiring if it would be possible to install (or move the back button) a button so that I can plink the light punch/kick and make those 1f links with the light attacks easier. Would it be possible?

You probably shouldn’t mod an ex2 unless you’re really attached to it or have already dropped better parts in to it.

As for moving the back button, thats a serious modification and lots of work. probably not worth it.

You should come out to either Northern battles 2 Feb 16

or Team Battles Feb 23

as we’ll be modding there a the tournaments.

Very cool, thanks for the info. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it to that tourney… and I’ve already invested and modded the Hori EX2 so there’s no going back now.

I would like get an Arcade Stick… but the shipping to Canada always blows.

Having modded those small Hori sticks enough times, I can tell you it is more work than it is worth. Unless you just REALLY like the compact style sticks. How much exactly have you invested in it already?

As for the back button, you cannot change those small buttons at the top since they are mapped physically on the PCB under it. You could add another button, but I do not see how you are going to fit it anywhere where it will be easily accessible on that stick. It may be possible to drill an eight button layout depending on available internal space. But then again, that is coming to the primary issue: just not worth the investment.

If you are planning to get another stick, I suggest investing in a tournament style stick and have that one modded. You can buy a stick at the store where Northern Battles is being held.