Mr.Blank goes to New York, What to do at night?

So i’ll be flying in the morning to NY from Cali and i arrive around 4pm. I need a little 411 / Tips.

Ill be staying in Chelsea Midtown Area, and well i don’t know whats around that spot or what’s there to do. My GF’s birthday is Thursday July 1st so we will be celebrating too.

What i want to know from the NY natives what to do nightlife wise. Whats the cracken Lounges, Bars, Pubs, ect…

I bought a City Pass so most of the day touristy crap should be covered.

At night though, i wanna know whats really good. Also on Sunday i wanna catch a fireworks show since I’ve never been to NY I wanna know whats the spot to hit up.

I leave July 5th.

Any Info folks can hook me up with would be hella appreciated.

Come up to Toronto tomorrow so your girl and I can celebrate both our birthdays together.

New York hookers?

there are a couple of good bars and lounges in chelsea and a little further downtown in chinatown and the village, that’s usually where i kick it when i hit the city. if you want to do it a little bigger and hit a club you’ll probably be hitting midtown.

Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks – July 4th Independence Day Fireworks in New York City 2010
this might help you for sunday’s july 4th firework
and you might want to get a 7day unlimited metrocard if you take mass transit to get around. taking taxi everywhere is expenses and some of them are shady to tourists. renting a car and driving in the city is difficult.

for the nightlife, pretty much what thurst said for manhattan not sure if you want to go to brooklyn or queens at night

If you have money and more women to men: Greenhouse/Highbar/1Oak/Milk and Honey.

If you don’t have money or women: Bars in the LES; start at 1st Ave and 1st St, there are tons of bars down there in that area. Try R-Bar and Katra.

nice some of these are great suggestions. I find myself trying to figure out whats good during the day now because we get these mid day gaps after we do tourist crap.