Moving Xbox 360 Saves to the New Xbox 360?

So I might get the new 360, but the new 360 doesn’t have the same type of hard drive. So how will we be able to move our saves over to the new 360? There doesn’t seem to be the old memory card support so I’m thinking this is where the whole update for external USB support comes in. So if you know or have any ideas, post.

That’s exactly my understanding as well. USB thumbdrives ftw.

Is there copy protected game saves on 360? On PS3 SSF4 is copy protected.

i just read that microsoft will be selling the transfer kits at retail for $20 and they should be out this week. plug one end into the old hard drive and the other end into one of the usb ports on the new system and that should be it. or so they say.

There is also support for up to a 16GB flashdrive for easy transfer.

Listen to the last couple seconds of this vid: