Moving to Longview, TX

Hey, I’m moving to Longview, TX for college, and I was hoping to be able to find some guys to play SSF4AE or UMvC3 with in the surrounding areas (as far as Tyler). If people were in Tyler or near there, odds are we wouldn’t hang out often, but I just want to be able to find a few people to play with.

sup bro i play ae working on alil marvel but i also play ttt2 and i know a couple of other guys that play also from this area. you can just hit me up on twitter or a here or psn…Twitter is @joonyer903 and psn is Jay_B_Murkin…its not alot of other ppl that i know of this town is small but we make due. Pc

sorry to just now see this thread, but I run the East Texas FGC community on Facebook and the East Texas Fight Club tournaments. Next one is in mid-January, and we tend to have a mix of FGC and Smash players come through.