Moved to Washington, D.C. (and MD/VA)

Well, I’ve finally moved to D.C. semi-permanently (2 years at least), and I want to play. I live right in the city, but I have a car, so I’m happy to travel sometimes. So someone tell me where to find 1) comp 2) in the absence of comp, machines. More recent games:

  1. CvS2: I play it.
  2. 3S: I half-ass it. I’d be willing to learn it for real though, to get some comp.
  3. GG: I like it, but have never had enough comp to get to be any good. Happy to play it.
  4. MvC2: I f*** around with it and embarrass myself. I’ll play you, but I’ll never be any good at this game. Storm/Ironman/Psylocke ftl.

I also am always happy to play ST, SFA3, SFA2, or other random old-school SF games. Want to teach me a new game? Go for it.


Post in that link k thx. There’s like 3 MD/VA threads man. :lol:

Look forward to playing you in some Threes. I play CVS2 but there’s definitely other MD/VA players that are more serious in it.

anybody plays either GG or Arcana in D.C?

I m visiting DC during the thanks giving week
looking forward to fun matches

You’re terrible. Post in the MD/VA thread.

I love you btw.

Check MD thread at if looking for GG, and some Arcana, players.

i live 30 min away from dc and play gg and a little ah
ome and play me! my car broke down :frowning: