Mount madcats te stick to table

I need help on finding a template on the streetfighter TE arcadestick so i can keep it in place on my table and o will need to know which drill bits i will need to use.

need a template or a how to???

what i did was

no.1 take the bottom plate off,

no.2 take the rubber feet off,

no.3 lay the plate on the surface you want to mount it on,

no.4 mark off where the rubber feet were…

no.5 find a drill bit that fits through the holes of the plate

no.6 drill the holes into the table your mounting the TE to (make them kinda wide so it can slide in and out with ease)

no.7 find hardware long enough to go through the plate and then into the table

no.8 fix the bottom plate with new hardware for mounting and put back on TE (your TE should look like it has legs at this point)

no.9 attach TE to table and on underside of table lock it down with nuts or something (i used wingnuts)

no.10 youre done and can enjoy a TE that isnt going to move anywhere anymore!

(ill take pictures of each step eventually if its requested)

When mounting the stick to the tabel, can i just use the mounting screws that came with the TE stick ? or are the screws kinda short. show pick please

wow this isn’t that hard you need screws the length of the table you drill through…