Motherboard making weird noise

ok so i started playing a new game. looks like the game takes alot of cpu power bc it started heating up, and the motherboard started making a weird noise.cant explain how it sounds. so maby i just thought it had alot of dust in the heatsink/fan. so opened up the pc and i cleaned it out. now when i have my pc on that noise the motherboard makes kicks in random times even without heating up. i kind a like the game alot so ima have to buy a new heatsink/fan. but i have no idea which ones are good ones. does any1 know a good one under 40$? and why does the motherboard keep making that noise random times?

Is it a high pitched whining noise? If so then there’s a high chance it’s the power supply unit.

might be a cheap or defective capacitor if its a buzzing noise of some sort. if so, i could be coming from the psu gpu or mobo.

ok so i fixed the problem it needed that paste between the cpu and the heatsink. but now i wana buy a new heatsink/fan for my cpu. anything that would be better then the stock one and would keep it nice and cool. problem is idk what heatsink would fit in my motherboard.

thats the mb i have now. can anyone recommend a decent heatsink/fan for it? not looking to spend over 35 bucks tho im in a tight budget. thnks in advance.

If you have an Intel Core 2 mobo, then you need a socket 775 cooler. There’s very few to choose from for $35, you can get a cheap coolermaster that may be only marginally better than stock.

775 is the one with 4 pins right? that show i gota install the stock one.

hows this one? this one looks legit.

That’s a pretty good heat sink. A few more dollars takes you a long way, but that one is already a good leap above a stock heat sink. Just remember to thoroughly clean off the thermal paste from the processor and add fresh paste before putting the new sink on. Arctic Silver 5 is always a good choice.

Follow the directions and keep it even and thin. You’ll be all set.

thnks alot. but got one question. i dont see the pins on that cpu that i see on the stock one? is it gona be a different way to install it?

hmm found this one for cheap. how do i know which one is better?

also found this one. im so confused lol. idk which one would be good or if they will fit. i dont see the 4 pins on those that i see on my stock one ><

  1. Look at ones that only have the amount of pins that support your motherboard.
  2. Read the reviews for the products. What you’re looking for is performance, longevity, and noise level.
  3. Buy as cheap as possible.

ok so i just got

now all i gota do is install it and it should work right?bc the manuel says something bout i gota go to bios and activate pmw mode. whats pmw mode?

alright guy pc is running at 95-101F. is that good temp for th pc? how much is that in C?

That’s fine.

Those temps are fine, Xigmatek & Thermalright are IMO the best CPU HSF manufacturers though.
The Ultra 120 is always a decent choice (there are a few variations):
or the HDT-RS1283

As for thermal paste, you can’t go wrong with SHinetsu or Artic Cooling MX-2 or 3, Artic SIlver is overrated:

If you REALLY care that much about which TIM is best then just read this

No, if you really cared you’d use your own man juice. It works 20x better than all those thermal pastes put together.

Seriously, it’s just paste man. Get whatever’s cheapest lol.

Yeah, getting high performance paste is really only necessary if you’re trying to overclock your chip as much as possible. Hell, I remember a test where they used cheese and it worked nearly as well as some of the cheaper pastes.