Most wanted non-obvious fight

Just curious…

We already know about SF fights whose history makes the fight inevitable, like Guile/Charlie or Bison/Chun Li or Ryu/Sagat, but what about the other 200+ odd possible matchups? There’s already been one, with Vega handing Honda’s ass to him in issue 2, but what other ones would you be pining for?

For me:
Dhalsim/Rose - battle of minds
Cody/Chun Li - convict vs. cop
Mika/Sakura - fangirl big battel
Fei Long/Gen - it would be awesome

Dudley vs Balrog

adon vs sagat, to see who is the muy thai god!

Ibuki versus Sakura. Those teen girls would go crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hugo vs Zangeif, haha

oh fuck!!
Hugo vs Zangeif vs Alex!! TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!!!
that would owned:cool:

guy vs ibuki would also be interesting (ninjas)
Gill vs Bison?

and Dee Jay vs Dudley (battles of the black)


Sakura vs Makoto
Dan vs PINK SEAN!!!

How about Zangief vs. Hugo vs. Alex vs. T. Hawk?!?!?:eek: Blanka vs. Necro? Oro vs. Akuma? Gen vs. Akuma? There are sssoooo many possibilities!!

I’m fairly certain Sagat and Adon did fight. And that’s why Adon’s no longer alive by SFII. You really think Sagat would let someone else run around saying they’re the mui thai master?

Gen VS Akuma was also a mid-boss battle in the Alpha series.

I’d like to see… Sagat Vs Vega!

Actually, he did.

Adon is still the new official mui thai emperor to this day. Sagat doesn’t care for such things anymore.

They did fight, though. In Alpha 2. That’s how Adon took the title of Emperor from Sagat in the first place.

Haha, let’s throw in Mika as well then

Eliza vs Guile. She was about the punk him the fuck out in #4 for shits and giggles.

Kei & Sally vs Bison. Hapless schoolgirl sidekick gets sidetracked and has to Dramatic Battle the fatass psychic cousin of Dr. Eggman with Dhalsim’s girl.


God vs Sean. The Heavenly Father of all creation tests his white belt Saikyo skills on Ken’s lapdog. And loses.

-remy vs anybody, just so we can see his stupid fruitcake ass beat down

BP: That av rawks.

I’d say Necro vs Dhalsim vs Blanka. Rawr.

:wtf: How utterly offensive.

And how about, just to make things more interesting, add E.Honda as well:p …

It’ll be a Six man tag

Zangief - R.Mika - E.Honda


Hugo - T.Hawk - Alex

Now is that rumble or what…

Zangief vs. T.Hawk was a very entertaining fight in Alpha 3 on my PS-X. Just watching the CPU control them down till you weren’t sure who was gonna win anymore was awesome (I really wish they were more AI battles like this in CvS2 :bluu: ). I know I wouldn’t mind seeing those two fight it out for real in the actual story, even though I’d be rooting for Hawk from the beginning. :stuck_out_tongue:


Guy vs. Fei-Long
Guy vs. Vega
Alex vs. Cody
Alex vs. Guile [?]
Alex vs. Sodom [?]
Cody vs. Guile
Cody vs. Ken
Vega vs. Rolento [?]
Vega vs. Sodom [?]
Adon vs. Sodom [?]
Vega vs. Ibuki
Sodom vs. Birdie
Sagat vs. Bison [?]
Sagat vs. Twelve
Blanka vs. Twelve
Cammy vs. Twelve
All 12 Dolls vs. All 12… Twelves
Cammy vs. Necro
Chun-Li vs. Cammy
Chun-Li vs. Fei-Long
Karin vs. Ibuki [?]
Bison vs. Urien

i think chun-li vs. cammy is sorta an obvious fight (and in a mini-story already), but the chunli vs. feilong bout would be very interesting - 2 chinese styles, maybe the plot can be over how Michelle Yeoh is an overrated kung-fu actress (chun li - “is not!”)

haha, interesting
but i still want to see that wrestling match between Zangeif vs. Hugo(or alex), for the belt or something

and… sakura vs ibuki (or makoto)

How about All-Britain (Cammy Vs Birdie Vs Eagle)

Or Mad Gear Mania: Sodom Vs Rolent (both are pretty fast)

Boxing Battle: C. Jack Vs Balrog