Most useful RD setups

We have lots of threads about the flashiest, or most theoretically useful setups, but which setups do you personally use the most?

I’ve gotten to the point where I almost only use kara demons. Not TKD’s, but I just rotate between all the different kara demon setups (, lk,, flip kick etc.). I also have been doing more reset dash in demons lately.

Except on wake up where i sometimes use classic demon, i only use TKD: 2 + LK TKD, 2+LK x2 dash TKD, tatsu then reset and TKD after a very little pause…
One of the most i use is, after a knockdown, back dash, walk, sometimes a down for an eventual parry, then TKD.
Next one will probably be the reset dash demon, but it seems really hard and very character specific…

definately TKD is no.1… since it requires no setups… but there are a few that I find are really usefull…
dash demon almost never fails me, usually after two succesfull tics
on wake up… air fireball,, KD
against people with no good AA, FP/cl.MK, emptydemonflip, demon

TKD and BnB reset demon/TKD

i agree.

Something that Jiro is quite good at - cancelling a whiffed move into a demon when you would be otherwise punished. cr. RH is the most obvious example.

And cancelling a poke that your opponent parried.

The two that get me the most demons:

Dash in kara demon.

close MP, kara demon

Actually, with that said, I think I should also say that if people know you’re going to raging demon, then they’ll try to jump away. So, it’s sometimes more useful to use those two bars to scare the hell out of your opponent. Dash in fierce punch or something of that nature to catch their jump. Make them pay for their fear of the kara demon. Basically do any demon setup that usually works, and anti-air instead. The demon doesn’t have to be used to be useful. :tup:

reminds me of the demon a jap gouki pulled after both his F+MP hits were parried…

i would just add dive kick/demon flip -pause- KD

Ive stopped doing all but anti air and sggk in serious play, the others are just too obvious and unreliable, and ive also noticed that the TKD is not as fool proof as it seems. You REALLY need to be at almost point blank and ive been hit out of it by a lot of unthrowable things (UOH srk ect) when pressuring at that range.

well all set ups are good long as u rotate the setups… i find, kd to be my most reliable set up because its fast and it works after u been rushing down and putting pressure the whole match… wen i corner my opponent sometimes ill do a then dash back and watch them jump thinking a demon was gonna come… super fireballx2 juggle haha!!

the one demon set that I never have anyone jump from is … akuma’s doesnt hit late like ryu’s on wake up so u can do it kinda early and his hand will overlap ur opponent and will never hit… cancel into demon!!! i call it… LATE KARA DEMON! lol

Hmmm… I must try this. demon has never failed me. but I hardly demon anyway unless I’m playing casually or the other person has never played me before. I can’t seem to ever set up a dash demon for some reason or I just waste the opportunity to do it. Wake up demon almost always catches a frustrated opponent, but yeah I try not to let my game revolve around landing demons anyway.

that is true my friend keep in mind akuma has 3 supers to use in a match… i use every super for certain situations…

did u try to late kara demon? its too good cuz it looks like its gonna hit and they either try to block or parry it all the sudden… FLASH!! game over lol

smart… works the same way as hugo’s whiff clap into gigas…

yea thats a good hugo set up… akuma’s just looks kool cuz it cancels from the chop…:lovin:

hehe yeah, sure sounds cool
just be wary on doing it on chars with a shoryu etc…
they will have plenty of time to react to the overhead and just shoryu

u must learn how to control the match with akuma…:wink:

most useful for me:

delayed TKD when opponent wakes up(really good on cps3)
late demon flip kick, delay a bit, TKD(mixups include delay,,… shit is good)
Parry into TKD(well, duh)
walking from halfscreen into TKD(you wouldn’t believe how often i landed it)
parry bait close HP into KD

i almost only use TKD since i rarely dash., wait dash demon.

and other dash demon setups are probably the best. if you set your dashes up properly it is almost guaranteed if you aren’t going for it too obviously.

dash D, dive kick pause KD and, walk KD