Most underated assists? what are you thoughts and what are their uses

So lately i have struck sort of an identity crisis in the game, im bored of my team i have been using since nearly day one Mag, viper, sent, and have hit the dojo to gather and collect different characters to form a new unique team. In doing so i have discovered that there are so many unused assist whether they are overshadowed by the character’s generally more practical,or prefered assist, or just have not been experimented with. However yesterday in the lab i found a great synergy between zero and R.Raccoon using R.Raccoons spitfire twice. With this assist zero is able to use his hienkyaku up to three times while the slow multi-hitting projectiles are on screen. Any ways i would love to hear your about your underused assists and what makes them good and overshadowed by the rest of the cast

Chun, Iron fist, Molecular shield, Dagger toss, Hulk (anti- air) and Hsien-Ko

Storm’s whirlwind and double typhoon because it literally goes through all other projectiles. Even buster.

Strange’s daggers b/c they are great for teleport mixups.

Hawkeye’s ragtime shot b/c it’s a ghetto hidden missiles

sentinel bombs

Hidden Missiles

Bolts of Ballsack is a pretty godlike neutral assist; shame it’s attached to a character that not many people will play.

Yeah chuns fireball assist is staring to grow on me it super slow moving, great for teleport characters

Dark Harmonizer easily. Still waiting for the right person to make a scary zone based team off of it where they’re constantly building meter while you can’t get to them MVC2 style. Something that might not be bad would probably be Dorm first, Hawkeye second, Morrigan anchor. If Hawkeye was a better point character it could worik with Hawkeye up first also. I was also thinking Dorm, Doom (missiles) Morrigan.

Vergil’s Rising Sun.

Tron’s Gustaff Fire is a pretty good assist, and one of the few anti-air assists in this game. It has nice lockdown, and its hitstun and vertical knockback make it spectacular for extending combos too.

The problem with either of those teams is that they’re basically defenseless at the start of the round and would just get chewed up by heavy rushdown. Dorm’s neutral uncharged GTFO options are… problematic. I could see a team like this with Joe on point maybe.

Yeah it’s just Dorm is a better character than Joe if he gets moving for the most part. Dorm isn’t particularly good at the round start but I’ve seen enough footage of people doing well with point Dorm where it shouldn’t be impossible especially with missiles. Basically if you get enough room to get missiles started you should be set to get going.

I guess you could do it with Joe as long as whoever is second is mainly doing the meter spending. Like Dorm, Storm etc. second. Joe can just be lame until the meter builds up.

Bolts is AMAZING, easilly one of the best projectiles in the game. It’s super active, controls a ton of space, great for hit confirming and happy birthdays, it’s a pseudo lockdown assist with more practical long range applications. Easilly one of the best assists for giants imo, it’s hit box is so big and stays out for so long it really limits horizontal space a lot which is what they need. It’s only draw back is that because of its long activity time it’s very punishable, so Strange has to be covered quite well, but for a smart player that shouldn’t be so much of a problem that any other assist won’t give them. Sentinel/Bolts is amazing, I love that team, if only Sentinel was vanilla Sentinel.

Every strange assist is really good yet underrated, also every MODOK assist, Joe’s bomb with Taskmaster for assist resets.

Trish peakaboo is pretty underrated with Dante or doom against a squad of rush that shit downers zero, wolvie, vergil exct. Rockets double plasma shot and shoto fire balls as well they don’t scale combos that hard and don’t knock the opponent air born meaning you get cleaner hits off teleport mix ups.

Shuma’s Mystic ray and Magneto’s force field.


ForceField assist is ass.

If it were invincible on startup it would be a very good assist, but the assist is vulnerable on startup, making it completely useless for an assist call. The only thing it’s good for is soaking up projectiles since it eats up all non hyper projectiles in active frames, but even then there are better assists that do it better(Gustaff/Tatsu). Force Field on point has it’s very specific uses considering it’s slow startup(on the counter I mean, not the move), but as an assist it’s trash, Disruptor is good for horizontal coverage and teleport mixups, and hypergrav is one of the best combo extending assists in the game.

I think Drone Bombs is one of the best assists in the game, possibly even top 10, if Sent didn’t have drones which is a top 3/5 assist, people would still pick him for Bombs alone, the screen coverage on it is intense, it doesnt disappear when sent gets hit, and interacts positively with most projectiles due to its height. Taskmaster’s Up Arrows assist is also very good in terms of the screen control it provides and the space it provides with a very unique THC, just if you are picking Taskmaster you probably want to use the straight arrows assist. A lot of the full screen horizontal projectile assists are pretty slept on tbh(Chris Machine Gun, Hadokens, Arthur daggers, Modok Beams), and people mainly stick to Drones/Plasma Beam/Unibeam/Disruptor/Hawk + Taskmaster arrows. Joe Bombs is also underrated considering it gives several characters infinites.

Weskers jaguar dash assist is actually a pretty good combo extender with its soft knockdown and being immune to HSD. Only major problem is that it has a tendency to send wesker to the other side when in the corner.

Repulsor Blast and Chris’ Machine Gun. Repulsor destroys most projectiles when active, energy javelin is an exception.

Machine gun is nice because it’s fast and it keeps you standing. Plus deals a good amount of chip.

crystal assist from dante

otgs but also the hit box it bigger then alot of people think and eats up alot of stuff
it lasts for a long time

armor piecer with spencer can be good when paired with viper big hit box

harmonizer is great, hard as fuck to punish morrigan unless they absolutlely point blank read you and in that matter you need to stop calling it at timed intervals
and along with dante the amount of meter you gain during combos is ridiculous