Most suprising stick brought to a console tourney

what’s the most suprising and intresting stick you’ve seen someone bring to a console tourney? i’ve seen this psx stick: thats gotta be really old!

WOW…That is super old…

How did the guy who brought that do in the tourney?

i dont quite recall, but im sure he was one of the many that was wiped out from the start… i’d blame the skills and not the stick though.

That stick is good, so i too blame the skills.

NAH! :clap:

HEY! I have one of those… and those sticks are pretty damn solid.

Aww!! If he went really far, that would’ve been great!

I nearly shit myself when I saw BAS using the same old NAMCO T2 stick that I use.

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namco sticks rock.

everybody uses that stick

Famicom SP used an SNES joystick at Crash 2005.

for any of you who’ve seen my hommade stick… I win the prize :pleased:

go take a picture

There was that one tourney in San Francisco where a guy used THIS pad…

Lmao. :rofl:

Whoa! I hope it doesnt vibrate. :wow: :confused:

i have the older version of that, its a american poke and it doesnt have any turbo buttons, plus the buttons are different more HAPP style but bigger and i got it for 10 bucks =D

rofl i want that dildo :frowning:

for collection purposes … 0=)

I had a chance to buy one of those at gamestop a few year back for like $15. For some dumb reason I passed. :sad:

ROFLMAO. :clap: