Most powerful SA 2 combo you can come up with

In training mode with SA2 ryu vs ryu, all training options set to default with 2 fully charged SA2 bars. No stun combos or combos on crouching characters.

This combo sometimes does 79pts. and somtimes it does about 60pts. Maybe someone can explain to me why.

In the corner:, lp.dp, sa2,sa2,

It would probably do more damage if I did an hp.dp and hcf hk. But I’m not sure if the hk side kick is too slow to connect. Also I’d like to cancel an hp fireball into the second shinkuu but I haven’t been able to.

j.fp,, fpdp, shin, dashin fp dp… corner only… works on chun mid screen though hehe… the timing for the j.fp has to be kinda early for the, dp to connect… peace