Most IronMan players don't know sh*t about IronMan

I’m going to make this plain and simple. i’m not a fan of the internet Beef. This is the First, Last, and Only time I wil ever post on SRK. I’ve browsed through the IM threads occasionally and I have to say that most IronMan players just aren’t knowledegable on the way he should be played. (Oh Yeah FYI I 110% disagree with anything ever posted on SRK regaurding IronMan) I mostly disregaurd the ignorance Until I stummbled upon a super old thread and some guy was talking Mad sht (Geekboy :tdown: , no off. just stating facts) to an (I guess) up and coming IM player. And I was thinking, who the fck are u to talk sht. He didn’t even know wtf he was talking about anyway. Thats when i came to the realization that thes are a bunch of Mall scrubs sharing Mall scrub tactics and combos (Like c.shrt, c.jb, s.Rh the patent way to begin a Mall scrub combo) :lame: . And I was thinking, we need all the fckn players we can get and this is the way we treat them, players who actually want to Learn a game instead of following suit and being like everyone else. Thats why when someone asks U about a game U only have strats for one character(Maybe two Ken-Chun ). Ur no help at all. But U know its all about winning right. U know a few weeklies here, a scrub tourney there, Good Job Guys :clap: . Until someone rolls up on Ur ass with some wack ass sht and beats the sht out of U and all U can say is I don’t know how to fight that sht.
Its Ur own fault for bieng a srub. But I don’t blame any individual I blame the gaming community as a whole. Because everyones so bent on being a “TOP Player” instead of "Thinking outside of the Box “(Mr. T aka ShinKensou) and actually learning a game, but let me clue U in on somthing, Don’t Believe The Hype , some “TOP Players” are just as scrubby as U are. So get up from in front of Ur comp. screen watching combovids and get Ur ass in Training Mode like a true G and figure some sht out on Ur own. And I don’t want to hear anymore btching about how U can’t get better because Ur competiton sucks. If Ur comp sucks its no ones fault but Ur own, if Ur as good as U say U are U can make Ur comp better. Or maybe U just want to win. For example, Mvc2 has been out for five years or so and there are Hardcore IM players not knowing how to do Unfly combos(WTF). We should learn how to teach before we Beast. Because its a shame when I see Noobs with real potential but have to resort to playing “What Wins” instead showcasing their originality. Thats why my definition of American players is Mindless Drones with OK excecution and they program themselves to do what they see. And thats about 90% of the gaming community. This next matter is very Serious, at least to me it is. I will adress this matter One time and One time Only. I’m getting sick and tired of MuthaFckers coming up to me saying: “well the Japanese don’t do that” and " I’ve never seen that in a Japanese match vid” or “I do it because the Japanese do”. Man I DON’T GIVE A FUK :wow: (And U tell them that Gene MuthaFckn Flowers said that).Btch I’m American Muthakckers, thats the problem with American players, just a bunch of “Japanafiles”(Mr. Green) sucking Jap cock all day. I don’t need a fckn Jap holding my hand, waiting for them to make so sht up, and U know who U Japsuckers are so please STOP. I mean Japs are cool and all but don’t come up to me say my shts not tight or wont work because U haven’t seen the Japanese do it, Man Fuk YO Couch . So until My eyes Slant and My dick Shrinks , Muthafckers better think twice before U come up to me tlking about some Japanese sh*t.

PS. Jumpee Owns EastCoast :tup: :tup:

i agree with you but your gay

Hmmm, seems like someone didnt get laid…

or seems like some IM player put a mud hole in that ass:wow:scrub

Shit talk all you want. I understand you need to get that out

your chest. But as far as everything goes no one cares about

your ramble. Your worthless talking shit about american player’s

and how they jock Jap player’s. it goes both ways Jap player’s

watch american player’s as well. Also the gaming community

didnt have shit to do with this. Were here to help gamers

polish up their game, whether its combo’s or strategy. I still

think every one knows a good player to an ok player. This is how

i see it! :clap:You are only as good as your competition :clap:

good player dont brag Only scrubs like you.

Are people who get frustrated. cause they get their asses beat

or cant defend what they already know whats comming or cant

advance to level of high competition :wow:

I think that everyone thought GeekBoy’s strats were shit. I’m not 100% sure, but I think that’s what people say now, in retrospect.

But, you’re being kind of blind/dumb. It’s not someone’s fault for being a scrub. MUCH of it depends on where you live. I live in NM. I can only get decent at best, even if I traveled.

That man is mad as shit! I take offense to that shit. I play as Ironman. And i dont wanna sound cocky but my Ironman is the shit! I didnt start playing Ironman cuz Jap players are playing as him. I play Ironman because i wanted to learn new characters…to well-round my self. That bastard mad cause he sucks…end of discussion.

infinite anywhere, reset in corner, c.short, s.RH, short, u.FR, fast fly, mag-a assist, short, side.FR, unfly, land, infinite; Sorry bucket, but for being a “mall scrub” yet playing with atlantic souths best, I got you beat. GGPOMF

buckethead got the best iron man in the u fuckin nited states of fuckin america

i think someone should have some money matches set up

I’m going to put this as simple as possible. Until U can do an Unfly infinite Mid Screen and bring it all the way down in to do ground infinite None of Ur IM’s have shit on me

And Dude NO, Please If Ur IronMan is good there is no need for resets and or assists Infinite is all U need and for every situation. And don’t tell me about Ur Guard breaks with assists and what not. Ur IM should never miss a guardbreak no matter if they pushblock, take the hit or what, there is one and only one garaunteed guard break with IM by himself no assists needed and U Mall Scrubs should learn it. IM should be able get one combo and kill a team solo. until U guys can accomplish that U can’t touch Me so keep practicing. :tup: And if u want some come get it , Houston TX.

Are you saying that your IM is so good that you can beat anyone with just your IM solo no assists?

and telling ppl to go to texas to play belongs in the discussion and mathmaking threads. and your first post in this thread said “this is my first and lost post on srk” and you posted agn. I really dont get where your going with this man. [I’am not talking shit im just trying to prove sumthing] well yes wat rowjoe said “geekboy’s strats were shit” and yea he’s just a shit talker from what i’ve seen on his post’s. But why would you make a thread to brag about how your IM is better then other IM’s. I’am no serious IM player, but everything you said is true. I know what to do with IM solo and with assist’s [i don’t use psylocke dats to scrubby] but i dont get what your going with this, And I’m sure i know someone who can take ur IM. Go to evo and i’ll be gladly to play you… PM me or sumthing

whats scrubby about IM/psy? i mean, if you sit turtling all day with IM letting psylocke die from a bunch of missed assists then i understand. otherwise she’s a great assist if you use her in the middle of a combo.

example, the fly unfly infinite does a good deal of damage until you reach a few hits. psylocke is one of the best assists to connect PC. anytime you want to just replace the U+hp with a d+hp, pyslock assist, unfly, jumping infinite to pc or any other PC setup you have.

not to mention if you call out psylocke during any crossover, it comes out so quick that it usually tricks the person. considering i use MAG along with IM, psylcoke completes the team.

youre bad buckethead shh; go timothy mcvae something, “real g”

sorry dint mean to make it sound scrubby but its jus mayb the way i used to play it made it seem scrubby yea iron man psy sounds to easy for me hehe so i use dr.doom and sent and storm and others to go along sorry for the inconvenience

Although I agree with virtually all the stuff Buckethead has said, I think he was way too offensive and impolite about it.

Buckethead, you have to understand human psychology in combination with this subject. This game is WAY too complicated for any one person to fully explore and understand.

You select 3 different characters out of 56 characters to make 1 of 166 320 teams. That’s teams, not assist variations for teams which brings the total to just over 1.4 million.

With a game this complicated the community needs to explore the game since no man can do it alone [since there realistically would be at least tens of millions of moves total], and herein lies the downfall.

People are pack animals. Combine this with the blatant disregard for delayed gratification, and the understanding of how much easier it is to take or copy what someone else has made, I can see how this CAN be possible.

Now I know what you’re going to say, everyone here has been playing since 1999. I say to you that isn’t the case. With me as the exception [and I suck] players ditch games and pick them up as time goes on. Nobody, not even I have the patience to explore every single character to the degree you describe. Most players would only invest their time in a maximum of 10 characters. Time used on one character is at the expense of another.

If you want to improve everyone’s game with Ironman, simply do it in the same fashon Stiltman did.

Make a thread called “How to tell if your IM sucks”, and make a checklist. After a few responses, reveal the answers. Then make a thread called “Buckethead teaches Ironman”. If getting good with Ironman is simple, just jump to the second step.

If your advice is bad, then nothing will change because based on the high and mighty attitude of the post, we’ll all still suck.

If your advice is good, everyone will follow you and get good. Everyone wins, and you won’t look like the asshole you made everyone think you are just now.


It’s scrubby because IM doesn’t really benefit from Psy because he doesn’t need her. She doesn’t add damage and her assist is nice, but noone is going anywhere near IM to begin with because of his crazy priority so you’ve just given them an extra reason to stay away and run away which gets IM scraped. He isn’t fast enough for Psy to make a difference in his rushdown and she doesn’t cause enough confusion/distraction to give him an opening like say, doom rocks. Mag/IM/Psy is bad IMO (as I was once told and later found out) because it dies to good runaway/keepaway, especially once mags bites it.

no apology needed, i just wanted to state that it isnt always a scrubby team. but yea, when i first started the team, i guess my strategy was pretty scrubby

i guess it all depends on fighting style.

i’d have to disagree, i think IM benefits hugely with psy. IMO it gives him total control to basically do any combo you want.

rushdowns: if you’re rushing down and decide to crossover, psy assist is one of the fastest, and usually you can get them before they do the block switch.

aircombos: once in fly mode at the end of an aircombo you just do a d+hp and psy assist, unfly and that sets you up for pretty much anything.

air infinite: same thing for the air infinite, it does dirt and once it starts pixelating then do the same thing. eventually leading to PC. there arent too many assists that allow you to do this.

ground infinite: if you get a rough start on the infinite, just use psy so you can adjust timing and height

super: if you reset or didnt even use an assist yet, the assist is like insurance, makes it much easier to link if you use it.

with this team i start with Mag and turtle/zone, waiting for an open hit or perhaps counter with psylock to an infinite. during the rom, a reset with IM AAA does DAMAGE. i dont even have to rom.

…lk, lk, land, dash across, slide, sj. ad/d hk, AAA, sj. hk,(AAA hits), ad/df hk, (AAA hits again), then you can hg MT or dash over and time the juggle for an extra, HGxxMT. that combo alone KILLS THE oponent.

resets are mags specialty and the repulsar blast takes off a shitload, its a match made in heaven.

i agree its not a top tier team, but certainly not scrubby if used correctly. actually the only thing i dont like about the team is that psy isnt all that great of a character.

im just wondering, where do you play in houston, i live in houston as well but after the stargate closed all i’ve been doing is playing it on the dc, another point to your post how can you set up infinite if you can’t touch them (storm, sentinel, cable, magneto) and besides iron man can’t kill a whole full health team due to damage buffering and dizzy. from any point of view of your post, it sounds like IM rushdown, just face it IM rushdown is more of a down than a rush.

With snapbacks he can :slight_smile: You’ve just gotta remember to only combo to about 20 hits, since snapbacks don’t reset the dizzys.

I’ve got no problem with the rest of your post, sorry for the interruption.

not really, this does not work on full health sentinel, or someone with above average stamina, i know snapbacks reset damage, but you only have a limited amount after the snapback before they dizzy. i did this one time, infinite on sentinel, snapback, infinite on second character, snapback in for sentinel, infinite to pc, and sentinel still had a couple of pixels.

Stargate has never officially closed it has moved to a warehouse. And it is open only on weekends, all the REAL players still come and we have tournies every friday. If you need directions just look in the Houston thread or ask someone.
I hope to see U there ao I can show U how IM is played

I just have one question for Bucket…

Name 1 Iron Man ‘thing’ combo/strat/ whatever… that you have completely come up with on your own.

If you have good for you.

Second, Hope to see ur IM at evo. :badboy: