Most hilarious "Could only be done online" HDR moves you've seen

Had some random Ken jab Shoryuken to fierce Shoryuken me for an air juggle in the corner earlier this evening, no shit. I was in such utter awe of the sheer absurdity of what I had witnessed that I almost blew the entire match.

Also, you have got to love the seemingly Champion Edition Hundred Hand Spam that some Hondas get away with.

I hate when in offline you can punish Ken left and right for whiffed DP on the way down, but online I often can’t even get a standing MP on a whiffed fDP and finding myself thrown instead. We all know that is bullshit, because the fDP height is just enormous and there is plenty of time to get in a throw or something. Maybe I’ll try something else since my normal offline stuff during training doesn’t translate well to online sometimes.

Phantom, it is possible (online and offline) to juggle with Ken’s dragon punches. Many people don’t know this however. The easiest way to do it is if Ken has his opponent trapped in the corner.

Re: juggle w/ jab DP: Shouldn’t be possible, but never tried it. Sure it wasn’t a Super?

it’s totally possible(online and offline), that juggle can be done by ken bro!, and here’s a another juggle example: if you execute a 2 hit shoryureppa(or ken super) when the opponent is in the air, using the super as an antiair move, you are able to execute a second fierce or fire shoryuken to land a third hit =) ,very easy juggle to execute.

Only 2 come to mind.

With Ken, Jab Shoryuken spam that’s unpunishable due to lag.

With Bison, blocked Knee Press to throw.

No kidding with that Ken Shoryuken. Did not know that, I’m going to have to sit in training and try to pull that one off.

I would be surprised if jab DP does juggle. Never seen it happen or tried to do it… would be a pretty good buff for Ken, though. List of changes for Ken:

What was missed: 2nd part of Super should knock down. Can’t think of another Super where if the third or fourth possible hit connects then the rest can miss (maybe DeeJay’s). No reason the third hit of the Super shouldn’t knock down same as the first hit of fierce DP.

To clarify, you have to use your super against your opponent with Ken, and then as you land, you have to quickly use a fierce dragon punch to juggle. So in essence, you are juggling with the dragon punch :slight_smile:

Tonight I was both punched and thrown out of a backflip. Only on brokebackbone’s netcode, baby! I was also hit by a hundred hand slap while above and towards the back of a cornered honda. But thats not all! Don’t you just LOVE a match filled with rollbacks? Man, I love playing that faggot ChiaLun(faggot ass name variable here) and his pink femme teleporting guile. Good times! Thanks again, brokeback! Your hitbox code is so awesome, especially online!

Man, what I would give for a ping filter in PSN HDR.

Dude don’t even bother with Chia Pets drag queen Guile, he is a repeat offender quitter. Another classic latency gem is getting thrown out of a Psycho Crusher after the hit has connected.

Dude don’t even bother with Chia Pets drag queen Guile, he is a repeat offender quitter. Another classic latency gem is getting thrown out of a Psycho Crusher after the hit has connected and the burn animation has started.

I beat you all a few nights ago.

Gab1to and I were playing a turbo 0 set and he messages me beforehand “my connections kinda sucky right now so we’ll see how it works”

I send him an invite and he joins. At the player select screen I pick Rog and begin holding d/b like I always do by default

After the Vs. screen we’re just standing there and I just throw out a low dash upper out of instinct. I have been holding kicks the whole time and let go for a turn punch. This dizzies him and I walk over and do cr. strong, cr. strong, low dash. Then one more jump up fierce and the round is over with a perfect.

There was no “Round 1!” no “Fight!” no nothing. The match just…started.

After this round the connection kinda evened out so I don’t know WTF happened. But that first round was completely smooth for me and I didn’t feel any lag. Must have been horrible for him!

Oh, I tested out the crouching HK vs crouching MP Vega Claw. Online, it gets hit by the HK no matter what, off in training, doesn’t happen. HILARIOUSLY ONLINE ONLY, BABY!