Most Fun To Watch Characters?

Okay, when you watch high end matches, which styles are the most fun for you to watch, or have the most potential for you to enjoy? My choices would be:

El Fuerte: His high risk/high reward style is extreme, as in extremely fun to watch, and in the hands of a successful El Fuerte, it’s like watching a circus act that makes you ooo and aah. I’d love to see an El Fuerte in the top 32 at Evo some day

Juri: I’m not saying Juicebox is the only person who can play a great Juri, but he gaves us a look at the limits of how far she could go. Simply put, she’s a human buzzsaw that can make you shit your pants in sheer terror. Everything she does is off the wall, but when she hits you with it, it’s basically a roller coaster of pain.

Rufus: He may be fat and a bit annoying, but once he gets going, it’s like a flurry of rolls and spinning kicks. You can’t help but love his ability to mix up, because it looks incredibly amazing.

Adon: Unlike Sagat, who is by far the most boring character in the game, Adon is actually quite fun. He has wall moves similar to Vega, but it’s easier for him to combo and control his own momentum, so it looks cleaner and more controlled.

Dan: Unlike Ryu and Ken, who are content with hanging back and countering, Dan has to rush in due to his lack of a zoning game, but he got plenty of mixup and punch to pull him through, and if properly used, his rushdown game can be quite thrilling.

Dee Jay: He’s the only <-- --> (charge) character who looks like he’s actually fighting. Although his grin is the stuff that’ll etch itself into your nightmares, his ability to adapt to an aggressive opponent with quick flourishy counters is very unique to him, and makes him stand out.

Dudley: Being a QCF style character, it makes him able to express himself more than Balrog. Balrog is usually stuck in a single spot playing counter, where Dudley can get in with an aggressive, properly timed rushdown and mix his punches up to the point where he looks like a professional boxer. Totally awesome!

Ibuki: A ninja that actually fights like a ninja. Great arsenal of tools, very hard to predict, and very fast and comboey. Lots of good Ibukis, though. Very few exceptional ones, it seems.

Yang: Unlike his broken brother, he’s at a level of play that’s actually fair for his style of fighting. His vulnerabilities make him more interesting than Yun, because you know the player has to be incredibly good at utilizing his specific specials. He’s capable of similar combos, but again, it’s not sped up to 2-3 times normal sensible speed, so you can actually appreciate the effort he puts into trying to be competitive.

Akuma: Great tools, more aggressive than shotos like Ryu and Ken, and you’ve gotta love his combo potential… oh, and the Raging Demon <3

Evil Ryu: Similar to Akuma. Not as many tools, but more offensive. Still just as fun to watch, and takes a lot of skill to master him.

Seth: Downright scary in the right hands. He’s just the ultimate mind-screwing character, good at getting under your skin and making you helpless, but only if you don’t screw up. The most exciting part is knowing he can die if he does mess up, showing just how good you have to be to win with him.

Who do you guys enjoy watching the most? Your list can be as big as you want it to be!

I like Guile vs Dhalsim and Honda mirrors.

I like to watch the character I am trying to kill.

i would have to say makoto balrog or feurte

Charlie Murphy: HAKAN! he so odd and funny and when hes oiled i get rock hard.

Cody is fun to watch. Ha Ha!

Dan is always a treat. Between the mindgames you have to play as him and general saltiness of the opponent when/if Dan wins makes it awesome. (I love the times Mike Ross has fought Dans on CC and ended up losing.)

Makoto is fun IF she starts to get some momentum going. Otherwise its just a block fest because she has no real anti-rushdown tools so you end up seeing a lot of blocking and waiting for the opponent to GIVE her an opening to exploit for a reset hard knockdown. But once she gets going she is fun to see in action as she has some exciting mixups to watch and her combos move the opponent around the screen a lot which is fun to see.

Poongkos Seth is one of the most fun things to watch in SF right now. Win or lose he puts on a good show with awesome combos and mixups.

Yun COULD be this fun to watch but so much of his game ends up being neutral jump dive kick shenanigans and the same 5 hit to upkicks combo in the corner. Though seeing someone carry a person all the way from one corner of the stage to the other with a Genei Jin combo is both annoying and awesome at the same time.

I enjoy the methodical nature of a Sim vs Ryu match. It isn’t “Exciting” but it is very interesting and fun to watch in a different way than most SF matches, even among Sim matches.

Fei Long, M. Bison, Sagat, Ryu, Ken, Juri, Gen, Yang. And many others.

I enjoy watching the characters I play.

I suppose it would be interesting to watch a solid high class Cammy player versing many other high class players. One of the harder to use and easy to be reckless with characters in the SF series. Besides that skill is more interesting to watch then the character even if he does use a stupid clone.

I hope you’re talking about AE Cammy, because SSF4 Cammy was pretty easy to use.

I love watching good Ibukis, pretty much any character if I’m honest. What I don’t like are chargerxcharger or Dhalsim vs Ryu/Guile/Sagat matches.

shit i LOVE watching yang, yun ( yes yun, he has flashy combos and he cool as fuck ), ken, ryu, E. RYU, cody, juri, and i think my list ends there.

Most fun on higher levels?
Akuma/Ibuki - Glass cannons
Dudley - Dat stylin’ curly mustache man
Gen - Who doesn’t love watching high-level Gen players?
Makoto - Powerhouse
Oni - If he ends up being viable for tournament play, so much stuff he can do

Hugo/Q - I just love their movesets and animations. They’re like Frankensteins of the SF series ;D

When played right and extremely well almost any character is a thing of beauty to watch.

Exceptions: Bison, Hakan, Guile. But particularly Bison; he’s bored me to death to watch or play against from day 1.

The first time I was entertained by Street Fighter 4 was when Poon beat the shit out of Daigo. Has nothing to do with Daigo… I just liked his Seth pretending to be Magneto in MvC2…

[LEFT][INDENT=3]No Guy love :frowning:

But I agree, I find most matches entertaining except Bison… He is by far the most braindead boring character in the game.


Watching a good Cody or a good Juri is the most exhilarating thing of this game…

I love watching a good guile. I dont care for Tiers, but i dislike watching the Twins and Rufus. Everything else is fine by me.

I never understood how people could have fun watching Rufus fight. All he does is dive kick or spam some invincible ass attack. The only time I find his play style interesting to watch is when he switches up to reach for the nachos. Boring.

Balrog is boring as shit to watch also. Sitting on normals that most of the cast can’t deal with. Boring.

The only characters I find remotely interesting to watch are like Viper and some of the more zoning based characters I guess since zone based characters got their shit packed in in this one. The way they made Ibuki in this game is garbage so I don’t find her fun to watch or play anymore. Gouken is fun to watch too because he has a good mix of offense and zone. Same with Juri.

I like to watch Poongko’s Seth, most exciting player period