Most every room full

Been trying to join rooms on PSN, around 80-90% of them say they are full. But that can’t be right, some rooms allow up to 8 people and I’m still denied when it’s almost empty.

you need to check if they allow public invite. Some are private only.

My main issue with player match lobbies is that the list doesn’t seem to update fast enough. Almost all rooms I try to enter are full even though they say 1/2 and have public invite.

Yeah, alright I got it. But I’m starting to think this game is a little simplistic as of right now.

I’m online trying to practice my combos, but most everyone is continually using auto combos. Hoping this trend doesn’t last too long.

I think Auto Combos will be around for quite a long time especially until people learn to optimize damage with their characters. I tend to go for links more times than not because I want the damage output. But truth be told I still auto combo w/o super from time to time because of the chunk of meter you gain and it sets me up for my ‘vortex’ game with Labrys.

That’s because the mentality of most online players is extremely low. They are content with settling for mediocrity in everything they do. Would have been the same whether it was Marvel, SF4, etc…scrubs trying to do the easiest possible things to scrub out some wins as opposed to learning the game.

But also keep in mind that while the idea of the autocombo in the game was scrubby, autocombos are practical in all levels of play. The third hit of an auto combo builds good meter and increases the burst gauge, so you will see it even in the highest level of play.

That said, yes scrubs online are mainly just mashing the autocombo and only that…and I bet they don’t even know about the bonus to meter and burst gauge that the autocombo gives.

^^ Relieved you edited your message. You sounded ignorant with only the first paragraph up.

Meh, guess I’ll just have to put up with it. And I’ve decided to perhaps just make rooms and see who joins.

I’m diggin’ the pace of the game. More rushdown oriented than SF’s footsie and tick grabs. Speaking of which, that’s the main reason I gave up on SF. Too many tick grabs from people, and with the input delay messing up my timing.

It’s online, off course people are going to go for autocombos instead of take a risk on something complex that they might drop if it lags.

That’s really not why they are going for autocombos…

And coming from online marvel where I feel I need to dumb down most of my combos because of the risk of dropping them online, I don’t think I’ve had to settle for an inferior version of a combo in P4U yet. The online is solid, unfortunately I doubt SNK or capcom is going to learn from this.

Capcom is already experimenting with rollback netcode, which is a step in a better direction. As good as P4 is, it’s still variable delay based.

My biggest problem with people online is that people always enter then leave. Like what gives? Stay and chat with us for a bit, sheesh!