Most effective methods of buffering inputs for hands?

hi there,

i wanna know how you guys buffer ur inputs to get hands out in gens bnbs.

or do you always piano the hands at the end?

for example:

mantis crossup -> -> cr.lp -> -> -> hands

how can you buffer punches here to get hands out at the end?

i tried something like pressing mk + lp together for the mk like 2-3 times and then the hp for the hands, but the hands wont come out for some reason.

i feel like hands only come out if you input the 5 needed inputs in a certain rhythm.

if i do the combo above without the mk im just fine with this method:

crossup-> -> cr.lp (buffer hp ) -> (buffer lp) to hp -> hands come out.

but for some reason i havent found a method that works with the mk.

other methods i found to buffer the hands on the ground are:

do st.lp (fast buffer mp -> hp ) -> mk + lp -> hp (for to hands on the ground)

or just buffer lp -> mp -> hp in a forward dash and then mk +lp -> hp while coming out of the dash to do the mk -> hands.

so let me know your best ways to buffer into hands.
i think their are great ways to do the hand combos without fucking your fingers up with the fast piano method.

use the thread(s) that allready exist. dunno what it is that keep ppl from using allready made threads