Most common ways to connect SA1

i was just wondering what are the best ways to use twelves SA1. I use it as an anti air (although the risk there is that they can parry out of it). and as a wake up. I can do XX jp AXE XX SA1 in the training room, but i really doubt i’ll be able to pull that off in a real match EVER*. I try to do the UOH -> SA1 but it’s so easy to see coming :. And of course one of the easiest is crossing up with a j.rh into SA1.

*maybe i’m not doing this in the best way possible.
When i do the i roll the stick backwards then i roll it back and as i hit down i press jab, then i keep going and do the qcf x2 p.

thanks for the help :smiley:

The low short combo isn’t super hard to do once you get used to it. Hell, by now I can do the super on reaction after I see if the rest is blocked or not. It’s all a matter of just putting in the time.

UOH isn’t that obvious as long as you don’t make it so. I do it all the time, just slip it into a poke string. I usually drop them after an IAD attack when I would usually throw or backdash.

I still have a “beta” version of my Twelve vid, it’s got no sound and no subtitles and is incomplete, but it could help. Hit me up on AIM during the week when I’m in my office and I’ll hook you up.


is the way i described how to do the combo the way you normally do it? I’m about to do some hardcore training so i can get this down, as it’s probably a big reason why i get random wins :P. I land that soooooooo much.

oh and i got your vid already from my friend Naysayism. I must say it was a load of help. And the intro has got to be something even a non-twel(e)ve player would dig, It was hilarious.

Haha, so YOU’RE the guy. Glad I could help.

One thing I’ve found that helps is to use the “6 Inputs of Death” technique to do the super. That’s the widely publicized though highly underutilized technique where you drum your fingers across all three punch buttons, which causes 3 separate button presses and 3 negative edge inputs in quick succession so you can get the super out at the earliest opportunity. Really, the only advice outside of that I can give you is the tried and true “Spin the stick really fast”. After the QCB jab, just bust a double fireball out really quickly regardless of if it hits or not. By the time you need to hit the buttons you should know if you’re going to land it or not, so you can either just stop or do the drum technique. I use it for any super that doesn’t depend on a particular button strength.

I’m working my ass off on the new vid, it’s got some extra stuff and will have subtitles to make sure people can understand everything I’m doing in there. Hopefully I can have it done by the end of next week. But if you have any questions about the one you’ve got, feel free to hit me up. Gotta support the Low Tier Allstars.

N - I’m a pansy, I switched back to Necro. Slam Dance like whoa.

I rarely use SA1 unless I’m very confident, or it will finish the match. Without meter it cuts back on Twelve’s options, and it’s nice to have options.