Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Online Matchmaking thread

Figured I’d make a thread for this since some of us will get it

PSN = TheOnlyOne1980


this is gona be a good one going back to 2D gameplay!!

Anybody can add me too. Just mention that your from here.

PSN sephobroth

U can add me i guess ill be playing this one my psn id is under my avatar

add me

no not at all it 3d like it has been 4 a couple years now not worth buying just imagine
sub zero killing superman really come on guys

the only think i didnt like its how its being rated T for teen instead of M for mature
thats what its all about its MK v DC kill your opponent

PSN - Deranged_Reaper

yall add me Im a BEAST wit FLASH!! at least i think so lol

PSN: Klade

I tried to add you last night I$AAC.

PSN: FlyMike45

PSN = Ryodragoon
Add me if you want.


BTW GGs to Earljunior45 I think his name was. We had a lot of matches. His Lex and Flash are pretty tight. I lost a lot of matches but I took two, one with Batman and one with Captain Marvel. LOL at winning a trophy for winning a match online. :tup:

PSN= Tukangry1

Look for me, I’m only A LOT.

I just got this game and I haven’t played mk hardcore since mk2. I hope this game can bring back that old school feeling with a twist!

PSN: kasperTFG

Been a while since I’ve been into fighting games this much…it’s really all just practice for SF4, though…but I moved to the middle of the Rocky Mountains, so I have a fair amount of free time.

So add me.

PSN: Justin_Time78

So far only using Jax and kitana. Its hard to get combos off with lag.

PSN: Psycho_Six

I’m using Kitana as my main and Subzero as a second. Send me a friend request if you guys want to play sometime. :smiley:

When I’m online I usually create a room named 1SHORYUKEN if you guys want to play.

so how good is the game? and how is the lag?

BoostedRX7 is gay he discconected twice when I beat him.