Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Other Tourney's

A friend of mine and I are putting down some
Classic game tourneys at our place.
We are looking for any cats out there that
get down with this list of classics:

-MKT(Mortal Kombat Trilogy)
-Alpha 2
-Alpha 3
-Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighters

and any other classics you have in mind.

We are looking for other players who are interested and
are down to put money in the table.
If you are interested feel free to reply back.
We are looking for other players out there that have the
classic vibe and that are looking for other players to play.
Once again if you are intereste feel free to reply back.
Further details will be given to those that are interested.

We are located in Portland, Oregon
So any oregonians are welcome.

I want to put
some kind of
poetic prose
in this
post and I
promise not to
go beyond the

But I did and
don’t have a


You should mention where you’re from/at so people have a better chance of understanding the relevance. :smile:


Post has been updated.

yo…so wzp?
anyone in the mood for classics.

Washing - ton,
Six - Foot Twenty,
Fucking Killing for Fun.

Otherwise I would be down. Sorry. MK sounds like fun.

I’ll play anyone in Fighter’s History Dynamite for money

anyone interested?
we need more players
so far theres 3.


I like it.

any others interested?

You could play half those games at Ground Kontrol.

I’ll money match you and your friend at:

SFA3 (2/3)
Super Turbo (2/3)
3rd Strike (2/3)
NBA Jam (1 game) (NY Knickerbockers)
Tetris (Arcade) (2/3)
Mortal Kombat 2 (2/3)

All Money Matches paid in bottles of beer!

I can do this on Friday night @ Ground Kontrol.

Cristian: Who is your friend? Doesn’t sound like anyone from the Tilt.

it’s no one from the tilt
it’s just a homie from a while back
that recently got a hold of me with
the news that his been trying to get down
with some classic gaming and gamers, and he
asked if i was down.
there for this topic came up trying to find
more classic cats out there.
but ah,
im down to do some alpha3 no problem.
thing is i can’t do it fridays and weekends homie.
sense i babysit the tilt all day.
i’m down for other days. Let me know wzp ray.

Nobody is seeing my striker in MK Ultimate.

Striker = Fat Cable