Mortal Kombat Character designs (from a pitch Midway rejected)

While I think the Sonya is way, way wayyyy over the top; the Kano, Scorpion, and especially Raiden are pretty striking. I’m a fan of great character design, and if an MK came out with a visual look like this (and not the cartoon look they’ved used for the past 4 games) I’d at least check it out.

Scorpion wearing the yellow blood of the demon that resurrected him? But what will the children think? Its hard enough keeping them away from the demonic influences of Harry Potter and Twilight. BRB Watching Jesus Camp again.

That Kano looks intense. That alone would have probably made me try the game. Raiden looks pretty slick. although with the bigger straw hat, he looks like one of the bodyguards from Big Trouble in Little China. Watch out for that Raiden and his fly/unfly combos. MK is about to get hype !

I’ll check MK out again when the fighting system becomes good. Shame really, i loved Mk growing up.

SF needs a similar treatment after the comical design approach taken in SF4.

Once Ed Boon stops trying to make MK like Soul Caliber or Tekken, MK will be fail.

MK in 3d isnt MK.

Sonya is not over the top. She is missing pants. There’s various ways to show sex appeal that don’t involved having bare ass hanging out. C.Viper has more sex appeal than that Sonya and she’s fully covered. Besides, sex appeal as a weapon is incredibly over done.

Really, if some crazy bitch comes at me with a weapon intent on fucking me up, the last thing I’m going to to think is. “Damn, she’s hot!”

midway had its moment with umk3 and never capitalized or progressed it since then, its there own fault. i happen to like some of those concepts scorpion looks much more threatning

Characters design is pretty impressive, but yeah, Midway… another failure.

kano looks pretty neat there.

If you’ve ever listened to an Ed Boon interview, the concept of Raiden was directly inspired from Big Trouble in Little China. So… yeah.

And nobody wishes more than I do, for Mortal Kombat to be made into a legit fighting game. Fuck you Midway.

Kano looks really awesome, but I think no pants sonya is a little much.

The Scorpion, Raiden and Kano designs far outshine anything I’ve seen so far from the MK design teams. ANYTHING.
The ‘yellow blood’ on Scorpion is just an amazing twist on his usual colour scheme.

The Sonya one is kind of cliche by now, though. Overall amazing work.

Sonya = Cammy
Kano = Scary homeless guy under the bridge you have to walk under to get back home after dark

Kano will always be australian.

I wonder if they’ll make the next Mortal Kombat less stiff and more playable.

I want a return to digitized Graphics on a 2-D battlefield, Ultimate MK3 was awesome back in the day

wow, Kano looks sick!

I’ve always felt like Mortal Kombat, doesn’t deserve it’s characters. Maybe it’s the nostalgia talking, but I always thought MK had some really cool character concepts with a lacking game engine.


I agree. They should have a fighting game draft and trade Scorpion to Soul Calibur or Sam Sho, especially THAT Scorpion.

Fucking Christ Scorpion looks badass. I was all excited for this re-imagining, but seeing that it still had the ‘original fighting mechanic’ of the other MK games (I think that’s what that means), I’m glad it didn’t happen.