Mortal kombat 2 sessions

Just looking for people who want to make a nice 5-10 man MK2 group to play against. Anyone interested?
My new psn is CyberSaibot

I would but Iam very bad at mk games

Is this an online experience?

You’ve never seen MK2 on PSN? O_o

Nope. Been too busy with just CAPCOM stuff and Starcraft II.

yeah it has online play. I havent seen much lag in this game either.

There’s definitely no or very little lag on MKII online. I’ve been streaming it a few times and actually ahve to say that it’s a positive experience. And it’s fun!

k now that i enabled myself from my own parental controls XD. I can now play. I use mileena and kitana.

I would love to play, I’m just so terrible at MKII though T ~T

is everyone else really good?

Everyone I’ve seen on youtube seems to be really good at MK2 PSN, even these two ghetto ass black dudes I watched were pretty good lol. I haven’t bought it because I’m ass at the game.

You haven’t seen ghetto until you see top MvC2 players LOL

haven’t played this game for a while on psn, but add me on psn. and if you want another option, there is Mame. also check out ClassicMK, for regular MK2 players.