post stuff about morrigan

her sprite’s 10+ years old

I’ve been playing Morrigan a little bit recently. Here is what I can tell about her:

  • Darkness Illusion combos are HARD. The only one I can do is two low jabs into DI, which is weak because it can be blocked high. If you’re starting out, fishing for low forward into fireball super is probably the best way to go.

  • Play her in a run groove. Obvious reasons.

  • The only time you should ever throw a Soul Fist with Morrigan is when they’re on the ground. Catch them with the tail end, and go for a mixup afterward.

  • Campbell (Buktooth88) talks a lot about how good RC grab special is. In my experience, you’re likely to get a teleport super if you mess up, which is Bad ™. I treat it like Honda RC 360… pretty nice move, but not something I’ll ever go for.

  • Morrigan has low stamina and gets dizzied quickly. When you’re starting out, you can’t avoid getting dizzied more than usual. She’s nothing if she’s not attacking, so keep trying until you find a groove.

  • Place her first. She’s a great battery.

morrigan is great in N groove… with her crazy air dash

place her second, she’s a great user., cr.hp xx DI (taken straight from Buktooth’s FAQ). It’s actually really easy.

wats the best groove to use morrigan in? and how are her supers done in certain grooves?

N is her best groove, followed by K. What do you mean about supers in certain grooves?

Most match ups against top tier players aren’t in her favor. She does Horrible against Guile and has some big problems with Honda as well. You don’t ever want to throw her air fireball unless you want to get punished badly.

Playing with her is trial and error, so you’re going to lose a lot with her until you get a grasp of how she should be played. Yes she is a battery character and should be places 2nd. Where she’ll have the most stocks at to go for DI. SHE NEEDS THAT TO BE FEARED! If you can show your opponent that you’re able to pull it off. They’ll back down and fear you! Not that they don’t back down when you pop stock as it is.

She gets beat out by standing and crouching jabs thrown at random when going for a burst. That’s actually the best way to keep her out. Thanks to Leezy for telling me that.

The key to be effective with her is keep the pressure on, and don’t lose your ground. You’ll want to keep mixing it up and keep your opponent guessing or else she’ll be punished. As stated in Buktooth’s guide, her goal is to KNOCK DOWN THE OPPONENT!

wats the purpose for each groove?