Morrigan Team Synergy and Stone Thread! No More Playing Nice!

This thread about partner and stone thread for Morrigan. If you have a team/stone combination works for Morrigan post here. There’s a couple of partners that work for Morrigan like Dante, Monster Hunter, Dormammu, etc…

Recommended Stones: Soul, Space, Time, Reality

For me, I use Captain Marvel/Morrigan on Time Stone!

I am using Morrigan/Dormammu w/ Mind.
Mind Surge has been more reliable and has further range than Morrigan’s Command Grab and allows me to add a couple more options when rushing down on opponents. The Mind Storm has its uses to where you can build meter during AV(all installs at this way). Once I get three meters I will trap them between soul fists Then i use finishing shower to lock the opponent down to switch into dorm to either build spells or go for three mix-ups. Building the stone gauge is quite fast if Mind surge hits, Morrigan can do threee surges in the air, then follow up with her Vector Drain while switching with her partner to also use a surge 3 to 4 times. Then you can do a combo off the vector drain. After the combo, you can go for a high, low, or Mind surge again without having the opponent spin out.
Against certain match ups I switch out to space stone if necessary.