Morrigan/Strider glitch

I couldn’t find anything about this on the boards so…

I Just found an odd glitch with Strider and Morrigan.
Whenever Strider uses his wall cling during Morrigan’s Astral vision the camera will spaz out for a second before the playingfield goes completely dark. Only the lifebars and the hyperbars remain visible.
The characters will no longer be able to interact with eachother and will occasionally stop responding to all player input.
Tagging in another character restores the hyper animations, but beside that you’re stuck in this Limbo until the timer reaches zero.

For anyone wanting to reproduce this glitch, just QCF+S with Strider during Morrigan’s Astral Vision or use Astral Vision when Strider is already clinging to the wall.

Well, have fun with it or something.o_O

Really? That’s a… pretty noticeable glitch. How’d that get by…

wow I actually had this happen during a real match, I was wondering what the fuck was going on. timer ran out and I lost which pissed me off even more

guy with morrigan anchor vs me who has strider anchored, the level 3 x-factor SOULFIST shenanigans commenced and I tried to wall cling behind her as she jumped to divekick her down and the game broke

lol. Crossup paradox.

I just replicated this in training mode by having Strider wall cling and activate Astral Vision, and he just completely went stealth mode by turning invisible. O_o

Weird thing is…I can only seem to jump around on the other side of the screen and when I try to use a hyper like legion or Ouroborous nothing comes out. At least you can still hear the “pew pew” from when you use orbs, lol.

does that literally mean they didn’t play test his wall cling against the like 1 move in the game it would obviously interact oddly with?


I made a vid showing it. Messing around with it more it seems to bug out differently depending on what stage you’re playing on. I tried a few different stages, on the one in the vid he’ll disappear easily but on other stages the camera will bug out like mad. Haven’t had the screen go black though

So does this mean Strider is a counter-pick for Morrigan or Morrigan is a counter-pick for Strider?

<3 Marvel.

when he disappears offscreen u can fix everything but doing a raw tag or another wall cling, ive found

In the vid I posted you can’t do anything, sometimes you’re completely unable to do that

depends on who has more life or what stage they’re on, lol

I had one Glitch with Nemesis, lol he breaks the game because he is awesome.

It´s pretty similar to the Zero glitch (Involving Sougenmu and a Snap back in MvC3)

I was playing online using Wesker, he was about to die so I DHC to put him safe, then you could only hear him say “NEMESIS” and he just did not appear again in all the match. Pretty funny!
The other player could move and everything.


I got the black screen version of the glitch after a few attempts.

Very interesting find Johnny lol

ban strider until this glitch is fixed.

Use the brand new bugs and glitches thread:

Nice find. :tup: