Morrigan in the corner

If you’re playing rush-down Morrigan, chances are that you’ll land a hit in or near the corner eventually, so I thought we could post our combos and tricks Morrigan can use on a cornered opponent. Feel free to contribute if you’ve got anything.

I’ll try to limit it to usefull stuff…

Air combos:

  1. (c.HP (launch), superjump, full magic series, sj.LP (OTG), land, jump, j.LP, j.MP, j.MK, j.HP, j.HK) Works on everyone, within about 3/4 screen distance from the corner. The OTG is inescapable because of flying screen. About 30-45% damage to Cable-health characters depending on what you did before the launch.

I find that you can land the OTG hit alot more reliably if you pause as long as possible before starting the magic series. It’s kinda hard to learn the timing at first, but it’s easy once you know it.

  1. (c.HP (launch), superjump, soulfist XX DI) Works on Doom… and more probably (haven’t tested it much). It has to be pretty close to the corner to work.

It’s usefull if you’re close enough to launch, but not close enough for the regular deep s.HP, soulfist XX DI/Soul Eraser. Kinda hard, but not impractical. Unfortunately you can’t use it to end her Doom/Storm/Tron/etc infinite because of flying screen, but that’s okay because there’s always…

  1. (Doom/Tron/etc infinite to however many hits you feel comfortable with, land, s.HK, soul fist XX DI/Soul Eraser) Works on Storm and Tron… maybe more.

Probably the most damaging way to end the infinite without an assist or DHC or reset, but it’s not the most reliable combo. For reliability, I usually go for (land, s.LP, s.MP, s.HK, dpm+PP) if I’ve already used an assist, or (land, call IM-B, jump back, j.LP, j.MP, j.HP, DI) if I can still assist. These also work outside the corner, though.


Just gonna post one for now…

  1. You can try for a reset after the first air combo’s OTG by doing a slow j.LP, j.MP, j.MK, land, throw onto assist, DI. Depending on your assist this can add another 50-60% (I use IM-B). Brings most combos to 100%, (espcecially if you DHC), but it shouldn’t be abused, since it’s not too hard to escape if you know it’s coming.

(HK throw onto IM-B, DI) is great any time you can land it, though, so you can just try to tick-throw into it if you’ve got them cornered. Morrigan’s walk speed is fast enough and her throw range is big enough that you can tick throw pretty easily, whether they block or take the hit.

That’s all for now…

Couple more things…

RESETS (continued from above)

  1. After the first AC I mentioned you can also reset by jumping immediately after you land at the end of the combo (AFTER the post-OTG normal jump AC part) and air-throwing the instant you leave the ground with HP+assist. It guarantees you more damage before you reset than the other reset, but it doesn’t have as many followup options since Morrigan flies to the other side of the screen after her air throw. Some assists it works with are: Sent-y, IM-b, Zangief-a, and Doom-b. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Tron :frowning: Still usefull, though, just don’t get too predictable with it.


  1. This one’s really obvious, and variations of it work outside the corner, but it’s still great if you get the opportunity to use it:

(deep c.LK, dc.HP, soul fist XX DI or Soul Eraser)

This combo is CRAZY easy and does crazy damage on a standing opponent, and the Soul Eraser can be DHC’d into just about anything for 90-100% (eg, Proton Cannon). Works on anyone, too. The only hard part is landing that deep c.LK on a cornered standing opponent (it helps if you’re using a good ground combo-extending assist like Sent-y or Storm-a or Tron-proj, though).

Then there’s her corner-only infinites:

  1. If you land that deep hit in the corner and you:
    A) Don’t have the meter for the first ground combo,
    B) Can’t do her Doom/Storm/etc infinite on a particualr character,
    C) Absolutely NEED more damage than her ACs provide,
    D) Don’t want to risk a reset, and
    E) Have robot-like execution skills,
    then you might want to go for one of her corner infinites:

[dash-in s.HP, superjump cancel, ad forward, sj.LP, slight pause, sj.HK, land]

Repeat brackets for however many reps you want, then follow the s.HP with a soul fist XX DI or Soul Eraser and, if necessary, DHC.

  1. A slightly easier (though still VERY difficicult), but less damaging variation of her corner infinite is:

[dash-in s.LK, s.HK, superjump cancel, ad forward, sj.LP, sj.MP, sj.HK, land] repeat

The timing on this infinite isn’t so bad once you learn it, the really hard part is the execution. I’ve accidentally thrown out soul fists at random points during this infinite like 1000 times. But then again , my execution sucks :slight_smile:

Whew… I think that’s about it. Sorry 'bout the long posts :slight_smile: